Kanye West's Televised Meltdowns: A Video Compilation


At the VMAs tonight, the audience was shocked when Kanye West stormed the stage to interrupt Taylor Swift's acceptance speech for Best Female Video, claiming that Beyoncé deserved the honor for her iconic "Single Ladies" video. (Which: true!) Still, West's meltdown shouldn't have been so surprising, as he's amassed quite the collection of interruptions and televised hissy fits during his career. We've got videos of the best ones (including tonight's) after the jump:

· Kanye West rains on Taylor Swift's parade at the MTV VMAs (2009)

· Kanye West goes off-script during a Hurricane Katrina benefit concert to announce that "George Bush doesn't care about black people" (2005)

· At the MTV Europe Music Awards, Kanye West is so irate when he loses Best Video that he hijacks the winners' acceptance speech and rants that his video should have won because it "cost a million dollars. I had Pam Anderson. I was jumping across canyons and shit." (2006)

· Interviewed later, West blames his rant on a "little sippy sippy" and challenges MTV not to censor his outburst. (2006)

· Kanye West loses it backstage at the 2007 MTV VMAs, unhappy that he had to perform in a hotel suite and still wasn't awarded adequately. "Give a black man a chance!" (2007)


  • yeahman says:

    I think we should give it up for Beyonce who exhibited such class for giving Taylor the chance to speak. That was really classy. Kanye is obviously just a narcissistic spoiled brat who is treading thin on his artistic capital. He is not even close to good enough to get away this type of base behavior. I used to think his tantrums and outbursts were funny but this gimmick has worn out its charm. But really, how can anyone say that Kanye is boring? You never know what this loose canon is going to say/do. At this point that is the ONLY thing he has going for him. 808's and Heartbreaks? WHAT A JOKE.

  • Mikey says:

    Staged? Possibly. He's on tonight with Jay-Z for the Leno Show premiere, so consider that. As if any of us needed even one more reason not to watch.

  • NoWireHangers says:

    Kanye just had his ODB/Shawn Colvin moment. Sure the whole thing had a "Carrie at the prom" feel to it, but Kanye just said what everyone was thinking. That Taylor Swift song/performance/video was the equivalent of a lukewarm JCPenney Juniors commercial. Kayne just blew his load a little too early in the show; Sasha Fierce got her award, and now his statement, while true, will be overshadowed by the fact that he made a pretty little white girl cry. Perhaps MTV should thank Mr. West, because aside from Gaga's performance art, the revelation that Janet Jackson is currently too fat/distraught to dance, Madge's personal MJ stories, and Beyonce killing it, this was just your typical crappy VMAs.

  • sweetbiscuit says:

    Wait, so you're for anything that makes an awards show more "exciting?" Really?

  • sweetbiscuit says:

    "...Kanye just said what everyone was thinking."
    That's a big assumption, but even if true, there's a time and place for him to express his opinion (even if no one asks). The VMAs aren't about which videos were "best," for cryin' out loud, they're about sales and they always have been. Yes, they are almost always crappy, but how about we just stop watching instead of hoping for rude train wrecks to make things interesting?

  • Brilliant Orange says:


  • Suleika says:

    I am hispanic and all I know is that This guy Kanye West was very rude with Taylor. She just put her head down but she is the most talented teenager I have ever seen in my whole life. Good for her that did not respond anything to Kanye West. This showed the audience how well educated she is. Beyonce in the other hand showed a lot of respect and I am so proud of both of them.
    Kanye West need to grow up or look for some professional help. Believe me, I think he needs it.
    We had two winners: Taylor and Beyonce. Kanye West did not have the neccesity to do this foolish act.
    by the way I am writing these message while my baby boy who is three months is crying but I had the urge to let people or more specific Kanye West the stupid act he did. He was my favorite but from now on I take his CD out my car.

  • Elle says:

    He's not even a tool. Tools are useful.

  • Myia says:

    He is truly off his rocker. Is he that desparate for attention? I felt sorry for Taylor and Beyounce. His shit is really getting old.

  • Ouogahdo says:

    What in the world does his actions have to do
    with a Black President? Institutional racism
    was not eviscerated because Mr. Obama is in the White House.

  • Educated in Equilibrium says:

    WELL WELL!!! Now that all is said and done. I must say to the guy above UR FUNNY AS SHIT!!! HON. ANYWAYS...as for the rest of u. Some of u stated great oppinions and some of u attempted to do so but failed!However Kanye is an innovative artist in my oppinion.[Period]ok so he stired things up a little. Some accept it as his personna and others just dont get it. Ohh!! well!! Secondly I must state that its not as much about racism as it is about power.Even thought racism still exist across all boundries,we need to wake up to the fact that as we continue to define ourselves we confine ourselves.

  • Sam says:

    It's "you" and "you're". "U" just cancels out your big ass words and long drawn out sentences. He's a rude asshole. Get over it.

  • arizona says:

    You don't know for sure this was acted out. Douchebags exist, sometimes they get caught on tv.. and just because these moments get caught on tv doesn't always mean it's always fake. I'm convinced Kanye was either born a prick or let fame go to his head. I mean, what he did was pretty unacceptable. It doesn't matter if it happened in the VMA's or in a high school graduation or in a job promotion, it's just something a person with the slightest common sense knows is wrong. So you're asking why don't we have something better to get angry about, well then why are you here? You also typed taylor/kanye on google and looked for this article to reply in. Why don't you have something better to get annoyed or comment about?
    And to people saying "Go Kanye!" because he was just speaking his mind and saying what everyone else is thinking- I can't even believe I have to explain this. There's a fucking time and place to speak your mind and unfortunately for Kanye (and Taylor and Beyonce) this wasn't it. Not "everyone" was thinking he should have embarrassed Taylor. He doesn't come out as strong, he just comes out as a complete asshole. Yeah, he'll get a lot of publicity for this.. but it won't be the good kind. Boo hoo his friend (if Beyonce is his friend) didn't win, oh boo hoo he didn't win. He should grow some fucking balls and take it like a man. He should stop being a pussy everytime he loses. You can't just go out and say whatever you're thinking, if you do then you're an idiot that should learn some damn social skills.
    If someone thinks you're fat or ugly, you wouldn't want them to come up to you and insult you. If you're nervous or scared, you don't want someone to make it even worse. If a loved one dies, you don't want someone to come up to you and say it was well deserved. You see why someone shouldn't go around spewing everything that comes from their mind? It would create worldwide drama.
    It's one of those things that really annoy me, when people think they can just say whatever they want even if it'll hurt other people.

  • Lowbrow says:

    Despite all his rage he is still just a rat in a cage.

  • Maria says:

    As a Kanye fan, who is now having a hard time listening to his music...
    I just want to say that Kanye did this for KANYE, not for Beyonce or anybody else. He's a big spoiled brat who has to have HIS way. He messed up Taylor's night, Beyonce's night (think of her humiliation because supposedly he did this for her), and does anybody even remember the beautiful words spoken by Madonna about our REAL King of Pop Michael Jackson... or the killer performance Janet Jackson put on in memory of her brother? No, everybody is talking about KANYE, which is exactly what he wanted!
    Kanye's apology is lame! I feel bad for his loss, I really do... but it's not an excuse. He has had so many outbursts and tirades that I'm finding it hard to believe he's truly sorry. I hope that he does go and get counseling and comes back a stronger and more humble person... but I'm not holding my breath.
    Oh and to the people who are sticking up for his childishness... Do you honestly think if he was right, Beyonce would have given her time to Taylor as she so eloquently did? And would Taylor have gotten a standing ovation by everyone in the room if Kanye had the right to do what he did? I'm sorry but Kanye is no role model.... but Beyonce and Taylor are! You can still like him as an artist, but please do not defend this behavior. He's a person that needs help controlling his issues!

  • no one says:

    All I'm gonna say is I'm praying for you Kanye.There are some very deep issues going on inside you and I'm no Dr.You can get past this but you need to step back from it all and take some time to reflect.Godbless you and hope you can be big enough to no how small we all are and how big God is.When you figure that out you will be free.It seems to often that unfortunatly we have to be down before we finally look up.