Misadventures in Book Readings, With Your Host Lee Daniels


A Movieline tipster in Toronto passed along word today of a misbegotten outdoor reading of Push -- the celebrated source of the equally celebrated Precious, which is screening this week at the festival. It turns out that the fest's popular Kid's Zone is located in Yonge-Dundas Square, the same public space where novelist Saphhire and filmmaker/host Lee Daniels (pictured) worked more than a little blue for a packed crowd lingering after face-painting, games and other family diversions. Our tipster writes: "They were probably unaware that they were in for every kind of profanity -- motherfucker, ho, cunt, bitch, spic, etc. -- along with the theme of abuse and incest." In typically polite Canadian fashion, a quiet exodus of parents and bewildered kids ensued.