Just How Positive Are The Celebrities About Ellen DeGeneres Joining American Idol?

While the nation is divided over whether they approve of Ellen DeGeneres joining American Idol next season, we can find solace in the fact that the celebrities are amazingly unanimous in their support for the talk show host's foray into competitive singing programming. Sure she has no musical experience aside from boogying down the aisles of her studio to unlicensed tunes, but maybe it is time for America to unite and follow the leads of these A, B and C-listers.

We'd like to thank Entertainment Tonight and Access Hollywood for doing most of the footwork here by asking every major, minor and mediocre entertainment personality that they crossed paths with in the past 48 hours, what they thought about the AI switch up. The stars' opinions were so praiseful that we decided to rank them.

Deliriously Positive

Kara DioGuardi: "I was on the plane when I found out and I literally wanted to scream! I think she's a brilliant choice." [Entertainment Tonight]

Incomprehensibly Positive

Randy Jackson: "It's gonna be hot! [...] Sometimes when we judge, we hear ourselves talk and we're very inside the music." [MTV.com]

Supportively Positive

Nick Cannon: "She's going to do amazing!" [Access Hollywood]

Bucky Covington: "I'm probably the bad person to ask here because I am a huge Ellen DeGeneres fan, I'm a huge stand-up comedian fan and you know, I think it'd be great to have someone call Simon out on his corny jokes." [CBS News]

Eva Longoria Parker: "I am a big Ellen fan. I think it's going to be fantastic." [Entertainment Tonight]

Taylor Hicks: "I definitely believe that Ellen's jokes are funnier than Simon Cowell's jokes...I think it brings a lot of entertainment value to the show. She has a great personality and she might have a little bit more of a musical job than we think she does." [CBS News]

Moderately Positive

Debra Messing: "I'm jealous...I should be a judge on American Idol...I love Ellen. I think she is hilarious and I saw her on So You Think You Can Dance, and she was great, so I think it'll be a great addition." [Entertainment Tonight]

Sharon Osbourne: "A breath of fresh air." [Access Hollywood]

Safely Positive

Vera Wang: I think Ellen brings a sense of humor, a sense of irony, and I think she has tremendous credibility..." [Entertainment Tonight]

Michael Kors: "I love Ellen. I think she is bright, smart, fast, and I can't wait to see what she's going to do with it." [Entertainment Tonight]

Backhandedly Positive

Rosie O'Donnell: "'[She'll be] much better than Paula who was often incoherent." [Access Hollywood]

Limited Character Positive

Ryan Seacrest: "Wow all went down fast. [...] yes ellen d will be coming to idol. she and paula are both very good friends of mine. E.D. On radio show 2morrow" [Twitter via Radar]

Not So Positive

George Lopez: "I think it puts Simon [Cowell] in a very interesting position." [Entertainment Tonight]


  • stolidog says:

    Ha Ha Ha ....Bucky and Taylor as celebrities! That's too cute.

  • Mike Jefferson says:

    BS if you don't have or been involved in singing/playing an instrument you have no business judging anyone else because you don't sing yourself.

  • jill says:

    I find Ellen funny. Still, I would rather hear an opinion from someone who has public appeal and a musical background. I do not believe that she is the best choice. However, I do believe that she may be an okay choice. The parties responsible for selecting the judge should have put more effort into finding someone with a musical background who happens to be funny too. The ultimate goal is to have some as a judge who has some credentials to judge the music.

  • Angela Garland says:

    I am a big fan of Ellens, she is going to bring so much to this show, maybe she can bust out a note or two for the fans, To show the sceptics she does have it in her. It's really funny, the people who don't think she shouldn't be on the show because she has no musical talent, are the first ones to pick up the phone and vote....Think about it.

  • Hana says:

    HOW DID ELLEN'S NEGOTIATIONS GO, AND HOW MUCH WILL SHE BE PAID COMPARED TO WHAT PAULA WANTED? This will be a good plug for both the Ellen Show and Idol. However both shows have become so monotonous - with the dumb theme-buzzing music on Idol, and the stupid public games on Ellen since the last writer's strike... Outside of copping lots of "unlicensed tunes," Ellen's show also lifts a lot of things off you-tube. How's all that for a free-ride? AND she gets paid.
    Also, Rosie O'Donell should be the last person knocking someone with a disability. I guess, as long as you're "out" sexually, all other cat-calls on people who suffer, or women who attempt to stand up for their rights in Hollywood are subverted. (Paula Abdul would have stood up for Idol's token gay contestant, too.)

  • Veronica says:

    Very interesting and varied points of view. I am in a wait-and-see mode with Angela, as I found Ellen's comments very funny when she "judged" on SYTYCD. But I am also in Jill's camp. I would like judges, besides being coherent and somewhat quick-witted, to be knowledgeable about singing. BTW, what hasn't Ellen accomplished this year, the zenith, in my opinion, being featured on the cover of O? I await next season's Idol with interest.

  • Chip Rosenthal says:

    Well, Folks, how well does anybody know Ellen? I don't happen to appreciate her taste in music most of the time (which mean she's a lot more knowledgeable about modern stuff than me)but I think she has spent a lot of time with music and may just know her stuff. And she's funny as all hell! Simon, on the other hand, is supposed to be a genius, which I disagree with, and he makes me so physically ill I don't watch the show. So I'm with Ellen as a judge. If she falls on her face, THEN make negative comments concerning her ability to judge music. Not being able to be a great music performer is NOT a definitive reason for baring her. And as for Hana's reply, Rosie D'Donell and Ellen as people with "disabilities"? What the hell rock did you just slide out from under? When you've made the money they have, have entertained as many people as they have, and blessed others less fortunate with as much as they have, you come and let me know. I'll consider giving YOU'RE comment a little weight, too. Did your mother have any children that lived? Thanks for the chance to offer my humble position. And, BTW, I was a voice major in college and studied privately with one of the finest vocal instructors in NY for 12 years. I may not be famous, but I know what I'm talking about.
    Happy to sign my name.
    Chip Rosenthal
    chipros@mail.com go ahead and write your rants to me. At least you won't be bothering serious people attempting to comment.

  • Sue says:

    I like Paula and she was fair with everyone on the show.Paula gave second chances with they were deserved.I'm really going to miss Paula!I don't really know if the show will be as good.Saying that Ellen is a very cool person.I have watched her for years.She's funny,smart,and I hope when she see's someone with talent,but just scared maybe she can get that person a second chance...It's going to hard to watch the show without Paula,but I love the show,so I'm going t have to give Ellen a shot at being a judge.....Don't let me down Ellen!!!!!

  • OMG. That's isthe most messed up thing I've seen today. But, I'm not positive, myself.

  • Kyle Hunker says:

    Ha. That's isthe most jacked up post I've read today. But somehow, I'm not certain, myself.

  • Gigi Heinl says:

    Dang. That's just about the most messed up post I've read today. But somehow, I'm not positive, myself.