You Won't Like Mischa Barton's Wisdom Teeth When They're Angry


· The rigors of promoting your series! In exchange for peddling The Beautiful Life, the ladies at The View forced Mischa Barton to explain why she was placed under an involuntary psychiatric hold this summer. The explanation was still unclear after three minutes of monotone rambling...meltdown, feel like you're going to die, botched surgery, rock bottom, wisdom teeth, etc. Even the lust-reenergized Sherri Shepherd checked out halfway through to text new boo Russell Brand. The clip, after the jump:

· The fourth Pirates Of The Carribbean has been subtitled: On Stranger Tides.

· MTV announced a slew of new presenters today for this Sunday's Video Music Awards including Megan Fox, Andy Samberg, Jimmy Fallon, Gerard Butler, Tracy Morgan, Adam Brody, Jennifer Lopez and Jack Black, among others. Eminem will also make a special appearance.

· The stars of Vampire Diaries were reportedly arrested last month for posing for a photo shoot on a Georgia bridge. Several motorists became nervous when they saw Nina Dobrev, Sara Canning, Kayla Ewell and Candice Accola hanging from and straddling the bridge and called the police.

· Annie Leibovitz and the Art Capital Group have reached an agreement to settle the lawsuit between them, sparing the famed photographer from foreclosure.

· Eva Longoria Parker will guest judge next week's Project Runway, in which the contestants will have to fashion a garment out of newspapers. Oh, how cute: They still had newspapers back when Runway taped last summer.


  • Phil Theepunk says:

    If you've never had severe tooth pain, you wouldn't understand. You literally have not much control over your reactions when you're in that kind of pain.

  • Colander says:

    "I'm such a positive person. I would never be Mischa Barton, you know? I mean, I have an accent."

  • Erin says:

    Her voice has lowered an octave since she played Marissa Cooper. Does cocaine tear up your vocal chords, too?