In Honor of King of the Hill's Demise, Its Finest Achievement


King of the Hill may never have matched the Emmy count of The Simpsons, but it was hardy enough to last twelve years and survive threats of cancellation until, after 253 produced episodes, the Mike Judge animated series ends this Sunday to make room for the Family Guy spin-off series The Cleveland Show. Though its absence will leave us with a profound paucity of bored cartoon characters slowly lifting beer to their mouths, at least it's amassed enough memorable footage to tide us over until Judge sucks it up and mounts Beavis and Butthead Do America as a stage musical. (Here's hoping.) In memoriam, KOTH's greatest achievement after the jump.

King of the Hill did holiday episodes better than any show since Roseanne, and the episode when a Y2K-fearing Hank buys Bobby toilet paper for Christmas is a beautiful entry in the Clark Griswold Traumatizing Yuletide playbook. While that episode, unfortunately, yielded no YouTube hits, here's another example that shows how much KOTH holiday episodes deserved an Emmy over anything involving, say, four-time Emmy-winner Garfield the Cat. Admittedly, Lorenzo Music has a sultry speaking voice, but is it really four times more lovable than the one-time-winning Hill? Our resentment burns like overcooked lasagna.


  • el smrtmnky says: i think bobby going to self defense class is pretty damn hilarious.

  • yarmulke says:

    I don't know you...that's my purse!
    Perhaps Stephen Root's greatest role since Milton.

  • cabs says:

    Congrats for noticing, and thanks for the post. King of the Hill was to these times what All In the Family was to an earlier generation - acutely smart, irreverently funny, and a right on the button, up to the minute reflection of our twisted, battered America. Too many episodes to say there was a standout favorite, but helping Bobby kick the habit by giving him a pack of chokes was certainly one of 'em. Propane based BBQ will never be the same. RIP Hank, Boomhauer, et al.

  • Joe says:

    Im really gonna miss KOTH, thanx for all the years. 🙂

  • Mike Judge says:

    I'm sorry to see this go, it hurts to say, I'am very glad ya all loved it and that it lasted all that time.
    Me and all the cast will be having a leaving party, sorry cant give out more than that folks.
    Here's missing ya all ready hank.

  • bagelface says:

    Big Mountain Fudgecake! I will miss John Redcorn and this truly awesome show.
    My favorite episode is when Hank has to take a job at the Mega Lo Mart, which later explodes. The moment where Bobby turns to see the fire in the distance is amazing.

  • The Winchester says:

    Because of this show, I have love AND respect for propane and propane accessories! Thanks, Sir Judge.

  • stretch65 says:

    save me a dance Ladybird...

  • Mikey says:

    It wasn't just a show for ladies with big feet and a penchant for Boggle. Thanks for 253 terrific half hours.

  • Charles says:

    I just want to mention the episode where Peggy makes foot fetish videos.

  • says:

    The episode "Death picks Cotton" was the greatest. Since Cotton treated Hank much like my father-in-law treats my husband, I could completely appreciate Peggy's last words to Cotton. Funny... ...sad... ...and funny. I sure hope Mike Judge can recapture this lightning in a bottle. Signing Stephen Root on for The Goode Family would be a great start.

  • jezabel says:

    i just want to say that i love KOTH. i am sad that it is gone and i need to own all of the seasons asap. does anyone know when that will be by the way? it amazes me that something about nothing speaks to so many people, there are too many episodes to mention a favorite, but i think tom petty (along with all the other amazing actors) being a guest on the show is pretty flippin sweet, thanks for the memories Hill family and neighbors.

  • sweetbiscuit says:

    Really sharp writing, and hilarious. We will miss it.