Buzz Break: Where the Wild Things Are So Cute


· The new Where the Wild Things Are posters feature one adorable character apiece, and they look incredible. Which is more fun: the beautiful stills, or the fact that Max is played by a kid named Max? Giggles.

· George Clooney's obsessed gay fan might have gotten the wrong idea from two meddling tricksters: Matt Damon and Brad Pitt. I mean, not that George Clooney is the pranking, payback sort.

· Katherine Heigl and husband Josh Kelley are adopting a Korean baby named Nayleigh, they've announced.

· Most critics agree Heroes needs a return to form. Now NBC does too.

· La Toya Jackson says fans need not worry about the burial of her brother Michael. His burial outfit included a Mike Tyson belt and Barbara Billingsley pearls, just as they requested.


  • So Old No. 7's audacious plan to use Wayans technology to pose as a Korean infant is a go, apparently. Remember, Old No. 7, make the arson look like a cigarette accident so no one will suspect.