VMAs Producer Imposes Arduous, High-Five-Intensive Criteria for Seat-Fillers

According to MTV Video Music Awards casting director Rob Crawford, there are a number of ways you can spruce up your résumé when applying to sit in the audience at his fancy telecast. After all, guests like 50 Cent and Cobra Starship have worked quite hard to get to where they are, and they expect proper audience exaltation on their big day. Only 1,500 applicants out of 35,000 make the cut and get to watch Janet Jackson don a bandleader uniform, so do you have what it takes to survive Crawford's list of crowd demands?

1. Be a consistent high-fiver

Says Crawford: "We want nuts, we want hands in the air, we want people high-fiving every performer, every presenter."

Says Movieline: Craftier high-five aficionados can slip demo tapes to Jay-Z, or a sketchbook of charcoal fan art to Megan Fox.

2. Remember to Fake-Dance

Says Crawford: "You better be able to dance, and if you can't dance, then fake it."

Says Movieline: Irish dancers or beleaguered vogueing troupes need not apply.

3. Don't be a stalker

Says Crawford: "Others are a little bit crazy. ... They want to see Megan Fox or Jay-Z in person, take their picture or ask for their autograph. We usually don't go for the stalker types."

Says Movieline: Keep the charcoal fan art tasteful.

4. Don't ever dislike any type of music.

Says Crawford: "And really knowing music, you like all the performers, Lady Gaga as well as Green Day."

Says Movieline: Brush up on your reggaeton and zydeco! Miss Gaga will administer a quiz at some point. She is inspired by everything.

5. Urgent: Please don't be poor.

Says Crawford: "Also, it's the VMAs -- arrive in style. Go buy an outfit."

Says Movieline: An outfit? That requirement never stopped anyone, particularly Lil' Kim.

Want to Sit Next to Megan Fox at the VMAs? Here's how. [MTV]


  • Lowbrow says:

    So we're at the point where the mere request for an autograph is grounds for being labeled a "stalker". Now I just don't feel like high-fiving shit.

  • Cam Girls says:

    Been reading through your site for a couple hours now. Lot of great posts.

  • Wow, Lady Gaga took home 8 VMA prizes yesterday night! I am definitely proud of her wins and I love that Born This Way tune GaGa sung also.

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