Leno Declares Himself Better Comedian Than Letterman


The endless battle that is late night continued this week during the New York Post's interview with Jay Leno. Differentiating himself from the Late Show host, Leno said that he considers himself to be a comedian first while Letterman's "strength was always in broadcasting; he wasn't quite as good in nightclubs." Whether or not Leno's inner comedian will help him attain ratings gold for NBC will be determined September 14. [New York Post]


  • SunnydaZe says:

    Okay, Leno, we have tolerated you long enough. But, and you have now completely earned this>
    You are an inhuman comedy robot! LETTERMAN MADE YOU AND YOU STOLE HIS THRONE! He is not your equal, he is your MENTOR so at least have the dignity to thank him and SHUT THE FUCK UP!

  • Logan says:

    I never could stand Leno. He spends way too much time laughing at his own jokes. Letterman is still the king. Conan is the clown prince. Conan would never be stupid enough to say he is better than Letterman and Letterman would never be classless enough to say he is better than Carson was. Even Carson liked Letterman better and wanted him to take over the tonight show. Get over yourself Leno!