Jon & Kate Parody Ducks Obvious Porn Route, Employs Griffin & Takei


As we learned from Kathy Griffin this week, there is no family secret too dark and no eating disorder too sacred to exploit in the name of selling a few extra copies of your memoir. Still, now that she's out of her own dirty secrets to peddle shamelessly, Griffin's been forced to find herself a Kate Gosselin wig, eight Asian children, and George Takei to create an attention-drumming Jon & Kate Plus 8 parody called Kate is Enough: The Kate Gosselin Story.

Griffin premiered the video during her Jimmy Kimmel Live appearance last night; Enjoy as she plays a fame-hungry, self-obsessed deadbeat mother while Takei acts as the Jon Gosselin surrogate, cheating on Kate in their own marital bed.


  • stretch65 says:

    George Takeai deserves an Emmy for this

  • Lowbrow says:

    George Takei was able to keep a smile while manhandling a female, & it seems there's no Ed Hardy clothing in sight. I'm not sure which of these two fallacies is the more distorted.
    (+ Kathy Griffin's wig just gave Kim Zolciak far too many ideas.)

  • BenPanced says:

    Hmmm...fame whore playing fame whore...BIG stretch of the imagination.