Buzz Break: New Sex Partners


· Meet Max Ryan, a British actor who's set for wider exposure now that he's been cast as Kim Cattrall's potential love interest in Sex and the City 2. Can't wait to see you naked, Max!

· Toy-based movies might be big business right now, but that hasn't stopped WB and Mattel from parting ways on their planned He-Man feature, Masters of the Universe.

· Saturday Night Live has announced the hosts and musical guests of its next three shows following the Megan Fox season premiere: Ryan Reynolds/Lady Gaga, Drew Barrymore/Regina Spektor, and Gerard Butler/Shakira.

· New Idol judge Ellen Degeneres hasn't yet talked to Paula Abdul -- or Simon Cowell, for that matter -- but she did chew the fat with Ryan Seacrest on his radio show today.

· "I can carry a tune," promises Jennifer Aniston in advance of her upcoming prison musical, The Goree Girls. "It won't be bad." That's great, but Angelina Jolie can sing in Farsi -- perfectly -- while simultaneously playing the theremin and restyling Maddox's quail topknot. Your move, Aniston.


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