Audrina Patridge Plays 'My Favorite Scene' with Movieline!

The Hills star Audrina Patridge is hoping that tomorrow's release of Sorority Row can help pave the way for bigscreen stardom, but before her thriller debuts, Movieline decided to test the ingenue's cinematic bona fides by inviting her to play everyone's favorite game, "My Favorite Scene"! Would Patridge's pick surprise us? Hey, she lives in LA, right? Maybe Justin Bobby dragged her to an intriguing New Beverly double-feature once on a date! Maybe, sometime in 2007, Lauren Conrad accidentally Netflixed a DVD from the Criterion Collection that both ladies watched and enjoyed! Let's find out.


I had the opportunity to ask Patridge for her favorite scene back at Comic-Con in July. The question appeared to stymie her at first, but her nearby costar Leah Pipes (with Patridge, at left) lit up and seized the initiative:

"I can tell you right now: The best scene I have seen in my entire life is in The Philadelphia Story when Jimmy Stewart comes in drunk and he has this great line. He's hiccuping the entire time, and he says, 'No, she's not a goddess, she's a queen!' And he hiccups, and you're just like, 'How are you so good?' Because you just believe every word. I love him. I love him so much."

As she listened to Pipes act out the scene, Patridge finally offered a selection of her own:

"Um, I love romance movies, so The Notebook was definitely one of my favorites. Specifically, the scene when they come back together. It just gives you hope that there's love out there."

"That someday..." Pipes began.

"...someday..." echoed Patridge.

"Ryan Gosling..."

"...Ryan Gosling..."

"Is going to come..."

"...he'll...he'll come..."

"With this blanket around him in the rain! He'll pick you up, and it'll be like a boat trip in the rain. Yeah, I hear that."

"I love it," said Patridge. "Yeah. I love it."