As Seen on TV: Bryan Singer, Bryan Fuller Combine For SelleVision


· Eventually we'll draw up a Movieline Tournament of Champions to select which of Bryan Singer's many in-development projects (Battlestar Galactica? Excalibur?) should take priority, but until then, add the series SelleVision to that swelling list. The filmmaker will join no less than Bryan Fuller to adapt author Augusten Burroughs's home-shopping-network comedy for NBC; Fuller will get the writing underway, and both will executive produce. As they say on television: This offer won't last. [THR]

Zac Efron and Viggo Mortensen make for odd Thanksgiving buddies, your A-Team casting rumor du jour, and more Hollywood Ink after the jump.

· Harvey Weinstein earned the benefit of the awards-season doubt (or at least my awards-season doubt) after what he accomplished against all odds last year with The Reader. And he'll take advantage of it, thank you very much, by pushing Dimension's The Road back again to Nov. 25 -- the same day the Weinstein Co. opens Nine in limited release. Crazy like a fox? Or just crazy? Crazy like a broke fox? The mind reels. [Variety]

· In any case, Zac Efron's not afraid of him: The star's long-undistributed, Richard Linklater-directed period flick Me and Orson Welles will arrive in theaters on the same day thanks to distrib-for-hire Freestyle Releasing. Indeed, that would be the same Freestyle Releasing that handled Delgo's blockbuster opening; Welles will probably break the $300 per-screen average benchmark, but feel free to issue your bold, six-figure-opening predictions in the comments. [Variety]

· Now that we have our B.A. Baracus, new A-Team casting speculation is necessary. And sure, District 9's breakout star Sharlto Copley seems as good and arbitrary a guess as any for "Howling Mad" Murdock. [BlackFilm]

· It's not quite Disney/Marvel, but Warner Bros. on Wednesday finally consummated its deal to take over DC Comics. Nearly two years in the making, the rebranded DC Entertainment will immediately get to work cleaning up the Superman franchise, developing the next Batman film, and never making Wonder Woman. Congrats, and good luck! [Variety]


  • JudgeFudge says:

    In predicting the Me and Orson Welles box office - some more info would be useful. Was the movie filmed and then animated on an IMac? What is the average running time of its philosophical rants? Is it in any way a paen to the city of Austin?
    My outside guess is an opening weekend somewhere in the range of $79,576 and $80,000.

  • Nicholas says:

    Boy oh boy is Sellevision a stinker of a book.