White House Scolds Fox For Choosing Dance Over Obama


During a Fox News segment today, White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs slammed Fox Broadcasting Company for electing to not air President Obama's health care address tonight: "I know that the network, instead of dealing with the reality of millions of people on health insurance reform, have decided to show a reality show called something like, So You Think You Can Dance. [...] I do hope that people will check into the reality of what's going on in America rather than the distraction of a reality TV show." While we wish he was right, 62 percent of TVGuide.com voters will probably buckle in for a night of low-stakes dance programming. Fox's sister networks (Fox News and Fox Business Network) will air the address in its entirety. [The Hollywood Reporter]


  • cc says:

    Having the major three Networks plus tons of channels on cable airing this isn't enough? If you choose to air your own programming instead of a message about health care that most of us have already heard/could read in a fraction of the time it took to air the next day, then you're un American? Besides the fact that these networks lose revenue whenever they air these speeches. Apparently it's okay to judge a network for not giving up money to air a speech that is already airing on all the other major networks. Apparently it's okay for the government to judge a television station for not doing what they (the government) wants. I thought we were living in America where we could do and say what we wanted, not feeling pressured by the government to do/say (or air) certain things.
    This is just insane. It makes me think that the Press Secretary is not only out of touch with how the communication/demenor should be between the White House and the citizens of America, but also with all popular culture. "a reality show called something like, So You Think You Can Dance." What is this "So You Think You Can Dance"? Does anyone even watch this? You're going to not show OUR message for this show I've never even heard of?

  • PS says:

    Let the half asleep, unthinking couch cows watch "So You Think You Can Dance"; and let the government worshiping Lemmings watch Obama to see what the Great Oz will bestow upon them; I'm going to read a book...Maybe "1984", or "Atlas Shrugged"...both seem appropriate these days.
    Mencken was right..."Democracy is the worship of jackels by jackasses";and my favorite "Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want, and deserve to get it good and hard"

  • This just goes to tell you how far out of touch and irresponsible, and IRRATIONAL our leaders are.
    The most important thing not to miss? That these morons are considering fining you if you don't have health insurance, to the tune of almost $4000 annually.
    They can fine me all they want, but that doesn't mean I will pay it. If I cannot afford health insurance, if it is more than $50 a month, then they can kiss my ***. It's my CHOICE as an AMERICAN to risk the consequences of a major medical bill.
    Oh wait, government is all about taking our choices away... I forgot. That, and taking all our money at the same time.
    We need a call to remove ALL career politicians in office now. Have you heard about how much of the "stimulus" money was mis-spent? 9 million to a small group of catfish farmers? 15 million on a border patrol station that sees 50 people a day across the Canadian border? The list goes on and on.... THEY DON'T DESERVE A DIME OF MY MONEY. I WORKED HARD FOR IT!

  • Ted Beck says:

    Next to Obama, Robert Gibbs is the biggest phony in Washington. The man is insufferably evasive, never answering any hard questions about anything. If he is so concerned about making the case for the Government takeover of our healthcare system, perhaps he could begin by actually trying to answer a few simple questions about it. He has to be the most incompetent Press Secretary I have ever seen. Mainstream media reporters (alias Obama cheerleaders) actually leave his press conferences knowing less than they did before they went in......Obfuscation and distortion are his MO. The man and this administration have no interest in serious analysis. They want a media event with fake Roman columns and brain-dead followers...........not serious debate.

  • Damian Cerrati says:

    WHY IS THE WHITE HOUSE COMPLAINING ABOUT THIS WHEN THE president of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA WILL NOT EVEN SIT DOWN AND TALK TO ANYONE AFFILIATED TO FOX NETWORK BECAUSE THEY DO NOT AGREE WITH HIS VIEWS. However, they expect Fox to bend over for barrack's speech. Any President in the past would sit down and try to talk to the opposing side to explain and persuade their opponents. I never took a debate class but that is just basic knowledge which any child would know. There is something called respect, honor and morals for ones-self and each other which this nation has lost and our so-called president doesn't even show. Hey Hussein...LEAD BY EXAMPLE not as a DICTATOR! It's a shame and embarrassment that Fox sister networks caved like a beaten dog. Hopefully people of this nation will wake up from their comma-like states before it's too late. As I see the news each day, my father's words ring out in my head; I FEEL SORRY FOR YOU AND YOUR CHILDRENS' GENERATION. He saw this coming.

  • Paul says:

    Once again the egotistical Obama can't get enough of hearing himself belly ache. Apparently, he and the democrats can not hear the public outcry over their failing policies and choose in their elitist egos to think they know better than the citizens they are supposed to listen to and represent. Perhaps they should look to what happened to the British after 1773. Just sorry the major networks didn't have the brains of Fox and chose to let this moron present his spiel once more. Until congress, the administration and the supreme court decide they are not exempt from any health plan the rest of us have to live with they can forget about my support. I am through listening to someone who associates with and appoints to government office criminals, socialists, communists and racists.

  • dollywould says:

    How in the hell did you people end up here?
    Are we talking links from some anti-Obama site saying, "Here's your chance! Go bash him on an entertainment web site!" or maybe your Obama Google Alert came in? Seriously, enlighten me, please.

  • Maritine says:

    You're not un-American. You might just want to check your priorities. No one cares until they are affected directly....too bad so sad.

  • gabe says:

    my jaw is on the ground after reading these posts.

  • Mikey says:

    I'm with Dollywould. I hope I'm on the death panel for all you screechy fuckers--me, Bennett Cerf, Nipsey Russell, Gene Rayburn, and the vivacious Kitty Carlisle.
    With Johnny Olson as the announcer.

  • Das Quirkster says:

    Thank God. I was scrolling down, slowly and incredulously hoping for a voice of reason. Why do certain posts attract the crazies and where do they come from exactly?

  • In a comma says:

    This little gem is my favorite: "Hopefully people of this nation will wake up from their comma-like states before it's too late."
    If I were in a comma, would that be considered a pre-existing condition?

  • bess marvin, girl detective says:

    honestly, the number of crazies that enter this website is getting to be a bit too much. who is manning the door?

  • Trisha says:

    I'm sick of the White House dictating what to eat, what the temperature in our house should be, what kind of car we have to drive, how many times we can flush our toilets, what to say, and how to say it, and how to think and now making our own TV decisions for us! What an overbearing, bossy man! He's like a spoiled teenager, not a President. I could care less about "So You Think You Can Dance" but what happened to our "choice"? What happened to Live and Let Live"? What's happening to America? This is getting to be like a socialist/communist nation. I'm sick of the White House "scolding" us...I'm sick of Obama's face and voice on TV and radio every 5 minutes, his finger pointing and sideways looks, lying with a straight face and laying guilt trips on us for being ourselves. If he loves Muslims so much, what is he doing being President over Americans? Where does he get time to govern? Doesn't he have something to do in his office? Get out of our face & off our back already!

  • JB Early says:

    First of all---is there a part of the US where they only get FOX? this isn't Nazi Germany ( yeah actually they did have a television prototype then but---oh forget it ). Isn't choice what our country is all about---when the mind police allow it?
    BUT all reality shows---Presidential addresses included --- are calculated & manipulative. People aren't being damning of a person and/or policy if they want to watch something else. Only difference---there was " tap dancing " on Obama's show but little talk of health care during So You Think You Can Dance.

  • Northstar says:

    If this new insurance idea is so great, why aren't all the fat cats in Washington being "forced" to have it too?? Or maybe we should be able to have the insurance they have now, afterall the government is paying for it~so what is good for them should be good for us!!

  • lakhinder singh says:

    I am a citizen of India and i have been to the united states only once in 1986. I am terribly surprsed by the the kind of posts given here. It reminds me of the oklahoma bomber timothy mcveigh. God help america. I am glad I live in India which is poor and wretched in some ways but the number of crazies will definitely be less.
    lakhinder Singh.

  • Barranova69 says:

    That is the great thing about having cable: You get to choose what you want to watch. A show about people dancing, a very old football game, re-runs of Bonanza, or a monkey on a stage ranting and raving. America... I love this country. Thank God for cable show progams like FOX.

  • Mike Fox says:

    First, the airwaves are not some free resource the networks tap into. It is provided and maintained by the FCC and the US government and licensed to the networks under the condition they provide news to the population.
    Second, just because this is the internet and there is no accountability, please do not try to spread information about Obama avoiding Fox. One of the best interviews he gave during his campaign was on O'Reilly and it was spread out over 5 days for huge ratings.

  • sweetbiscuit says:

    It's really annoying. I'm just grateful they're not eagerly adding their meager 2 cents to any entertainment-related posts.