Tim Gunn Calls Out Project Runway's Big Editing Lie


Tim Gunn's interview skills have two settings: diplomacy and total candor. Sometimes when discussing Project Runway he might say, "The editing on this show, truly, is genius," and other times, like today, he might say, "The editing is a tableau of lies." According to his new interview with USA Today, the editing on last week's episode misled viewers into thinking Ra'mon Lawrence was a unanimous judges' favorite with his lumpy "beach" dress and last-minute green dye job. According to Gunn, Lawrence (who was declared the episode's winner) was nearly eliminated with his beleaguered partner Mitchell. Silver Sage comments, sasses, and casts shade after the jump!

Lawrence's winning dress was so bad, Gunn said, that he's buying it in an online auction to make a point to Nina Garcia, the only judge to speak in Lawrence's favor.

"I was stunned by the editing of the Thursday show," says Gunn, who doesn't see the episodes until they air. "To be perfectly blunt with you, the storyline as I was living the show was that Ra'mon was going home...that he and Mitchell were BOTH going home," Gunn told USA TODAY's Cindy Clark in an interview this afternoon to chat up his new comic, Loaded Gunn. "Then you see on the show that Ra'mon is dyeing the garment in the sink. That's after I made him take it out of the toilet, which he said he was using because it had a deeper basin. He was desperate to get some dye on it."

"On the runway, the deliberation went on and on, with no one in Ra'mon's camp other than Nina. She was intent upon Ra'mon winning based on innovation. Heidi was like, 'Who would wear that?' and Nina firmly said, 'I would!' So I am watching the (Project Runway) website because we have two days and five hours remaining, and I am intent on winning that dress and I'm going to give it Nina!"

At least the editing snow-job answers our questions about last week's lightning-fast runway show. Though it squelches our desire to own Ra'mon's dress for the low, low price of No Bids Yet.

Tim Gunn Goes After a Dress [USA Today]


  • sugarrhill says:

    The look was utterly crap, but it was still the best crap up there.

  • BlackCrime says:

    Man, i wish you guys would quit from the ghey fluff TV news it really distracts from some of the serious good-quality movie coverage you guys do.

  • Emperor Joshua Norton says:

    I don't agree with Blackcrime's homophobic-leaning angle, but I am surprised to see the play-by-play TV coverage of shows about vampires and fashion. It feels more like EW than it does like Movieline.
    And oh hell, nobody wants that.

  • stolidog says:


  • lac says:

    So many fake people. You got to love Tim Gunn

  • Anne says:

    One straight lady vote in favor of ghey fluff TV news. I think it's an interesting enough tidbit considering it feeds into a discussion about editing on one of the better produced reality shows (also interesting since the show moved networks- wonder if that has anything to do with it?). Also, Tim Gunn is the mayor of Silverfoxtown, USA and I have dreams that he will shack up there with Roger Sterling if Movieline just covers both shows often enough and in close enough proximity, so there!

  • Lowbrow says:

    Ra'mon? Really?
    Now I wish that my name had an apostrophe in the middle of it too.