Rank the Mad Men Parody Videos


You know a series is hot when it is parodied for Jewish, animated and children's demographics. And with yesterday's addition to the Don Draper imitation market, we decided to sort out these copycats once and for all, for your own ranking pleasure.

1. Saturday Night Live's A-Holes: Pitch Meeting

Notable for: Special appearances by Jon Hamm, Elisabeth Moss and John Slattery

2. The Shushan Channel's Meshugene Men

Notable for: Amy Sedaris as Jewish Betty Draper (Netty Draperberg)

3. Landline's Mad Men in 60 Seconds

Notable for: Featured smoke machine

4. College Humor's Mad Libs Men

Notable for: Fingerbanging, watermelon hat and sharing the same Don Draper actor (Matthew Walton) with Meshugene Men

5. The Casual Mafia's Mad Women

Notable for: Nikki Finke declared it "the single WORST Mad Men spoof. I despair for comedy."

Also notable for: Looking like Mad Men porn

6. The Simpson's Mad Men Opener

Notable for: Animation!

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