Megan Fox's Guide to Giving Great Interview


The MTV audience knew they were in for something special when Friday's edition of Behind the Screen opened with the following salacious narration: "Megan Fox knows how to make your pulse race and over the next half hour, she's going to do it....with her mouth." In between heart-pumping revelations about her same-sex kisses in Jennifer's Body ("I feel much safer with girls"), Fox took advantage of every weapon of mass-market seduction in her arsenal. After the jump, Fox's secrets to pleasing the MTV-ers.

1. First, Flirt With Your Interviewer

"You're the sexiest man in glasses I've ever seen," Megan Fox shamelessly told Josh Horowitz, Managing Editor of MTV Movies.

2. Give Geeks Hope

"I always talked to boys who are interesting," Fox revealed. "It's not like, I only talk to people who are like, the Adonises."

3. Feign Modesty

Even without prompt, Fox found a way to incorporate this claim into the conversation: "I was out of high school before I even did the deed the first time." Explaining why she would never make a sex tape, she said "It would take one shot of me not looking good and I would not be able to have sex ever again, because I would always just see myself looking like a hippo having sex."

4. Emphasize Your Comedic Talents and Knowledge

Describing the interesting way she interacts with people: "I always had -- I call it a sense of humor. [...] Not like performance art, but I've always sort of liked to push people's buttons. That's outrageous that I even used that in a sentence, attempting to talk about myself, like I'm Andy Kaufman!"

5. If You Have to Trash a Director You Worked With, Do It Subtly!

"You get addicted to those big action movies, you get addicted to the mayhem. When you step away from it, you're relieved and and relaxed and you do something else that's quieter but then you sort of miss that abuse."

6. And Most Importantly: Do Not Humiliate Yourself During the Interview for Anyone Over the Age of 30

MTV: Finally, I want to wrap up with some fan questions that we solicited. Is that cool? The first one is, "Can you sing 'Somewhere Over the Rainbow'?" That's odd.

Fox: No.

MTV: You're saying no to your fans right now.

Fox: Who sent that question in?

MTV: Josh in New York City

Fox: How old is Josh?

MTV: He's 33.

Fox: No. Next.


  • Colander says:

    Is it okay to like her yet?

  • sixhundred says:

    no. next.

  • el smrtmnky says:

    i kinda like her, especially after she called herself a tranny at some awards show last year.

  • sweetbiscuit says:

    I guess she thinks Josh must be one of those "adonises," because I thought a 33-year-old New Yorker asking to hear her sing "Over the Rainbow" is pretty "interesting."

  • jelanie says:

    i think shes kool and funny her sense of humor may get out of hand because shexcepted the hollywood life for them being urself 100% isnt an option bt because shes doin that that just makes her fucking awesome comment please!!

  • James Carrow says:

    Dear Julie,
    A couple of small points on your article:
    1. I think that is "Adonises" with a capital "A" there.
    2. "The Wizard of Oz" came out something like 45 years before Megan was born. Why not just ask her to sing a Bing Crosby number instead, like, you know, "White Christmas"?
    3. Do you think the people who financed and made "Transformers: The Revenge of the Fallen" deserve praise for their efforts?
    Thanks for the info, James Carrow

  • heather says:

    She is a complete tool. No one will remember her in five years unless she releases her sex tape.

  • Linda Feeder says:

    A "tool"? Did she flip you off in the grocery store? Drown some babies? Spit in the face of your religious leader? Your "tool" translates to jealousy. She's a hot girl working the system.

  • Liz Lemonazi says:

    Do we need to see her destroyed and sobbing into a gutter (Britney-style) to be satisfied? The girl knows exactly what she is. The honesty is refreshing.