Let's Hear It For the Basket Cases


· Courtney Love's had a busy Twitter weekend, between tweeting that she was going to sue over Guitar Hero 5's "Spit on Kurt's Grave" bonus features and this musical tribute to John Hughes. Her voice is like a fine wine -- it goes kinda rancid if it's exposed to oxygen for too long. (Just kidding, Court. ♥U4EVR!!!)

· WARNING: Looking directly at yet more photos of Channing Tatum during his early career incarnation as an Orlando exotic dancer could scar you for life. Or excite you. Or amuse you for 5 seconds, then completely escape your memory. OR SCAR YOU.

· Pamela Anderson is dating her electrician, Jamie Padgett. Run, Jamie! She'll dump you the second you get her air conditioner working, just like she did all the others.

· No one in the Movieline offices would hit it. We asked around. (On the other hand, 4 out of 7 interns would hit this.)

· Us has the whole Nicole Richie-gave-birth-to-Satan's-little-darling angle cornered:

Numerologist: Nicole Richie's Son Has 'Rare' Birthdate

Expert: What Nicole Richie's Baby Name Means


  • Furious D says:

    1. Courtney, silence is golden, but with you it is stolen.
    2. Or the constant coverage of the photos would bore you.
    3. Pam's just looking for someone with a job in today's economy.
    4. Is that "hit it" as in "sexual intercourse" or "hit it" as in "with a car or truck"?
    5. Don't pick on little Damien.

  • jimmy james monkey death says:

    I can only speak for myself, but those Tatum pics put off my ennui for at least a 1/2hour. Oh, wait...no, it's back.

  • Lowbrow says:

    Stay tuned kids! Next week Courtney and special guest Kim Zolciak will sing their favorite passages from the Necronomicon!