Halle Berry Fears No Great White Shark


· Halle Berry is close to a deal that will cast her in Dark Tide, about a diving instructor who returns to the scene of a near-fatal incident she once had with a great white shark. Word is the beast casually asked her about taking up diving instructing after winning an Oscar, she got mad, he said, "Well, at least it's not Gothika," and she beat it into a six-week coma, the end of which is apparently where Tide picks up. Swim, shark, swim! [Variety

Ne-Yo engages in Battle, Jerry Bruckheimer brings his act back to NBC, and more Hollywood Ink after the jump.

· The sci-fi action thriller Battle: Los Angeles has begun casting its B-team, with Ne-Yo joining Jadin Gould, Bryce Cass and Joey King joining Aaron Eckhart among the ranks. The report also mentions the R&B star just agreed days earlier to write and perform the closing-title theme for The Princess and the Frog, arguably proving our in-house theory that it really is all downhill from there. [THR]

· NBC is getting more and more colorful by the day, reuniting with Jerry Bruckheimer for his first series on the network since the halcyon days of 2005's E-Ring. This time around, the untitled series will follow a "team charged with making sure fugitive criminals don't evade justice." But can they make sure fugitive viewers don't evade Leno at 10? Developing... [THR]

· This outsourcing thing is getting ridiculous: The MPAA is off to India, where it will enlist the aid of exhibitors to stem the nation's burgeoning piracy trade. [Variety]

· Warner Bros. rode The Final Destination's back-to-back winning streak to an unexpected $1 billion total gross for summer. Which is good, because it's looking like that New Line/Tolkien Trust settlement will chew $100 million out of Warners' bottom line. Brutal. [THR, THR Esq.]


  • Furious D says:

    1. Poor shark.
    2. The whole movie is one big shoot out over the last parking space left in the city.
    3. NBC, the black hole of television.
    4. They're just going to scope out the Bollywood chicks.
    5. And the lesson is, pay the money when you have it, so it doesn't get clawed out of your later movies.