Buzz Break: Scissor Kicks


· Can a poster be deemed "cheeky" by coyly referring to its already-notorious scene of sexual mutilation? If it can be, Antichrist's is!

· I hadn't realized that Robert Rodriguez had actually begun shooting Red Sonja with Rose McGowan, but no matter, because they're not anymore.

· Does the Sex and the City sequel find Stanford and Anthony tying the gay knot in Connecticut?

· "Cute Casey Wilson and glamorous Michaela Watkins have concurrently left [Saturday Night Live]," says the Washington Post's Tom Shales, adding, "Watkins may have been just too classically pretty to be hilarious." Sure, that's a thing.

· Then again, alleges E!, perhaps Wilson was simply too heavy for television. Certainly their looks is what we should be analyzing right now!


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