Kevin Smith Exposes Himself During 24-Hour Twitter-thon


While some people promote their upcoming projects with tell-all interviews or WWE smackdowns, Kevin Smith managed to cyber-sell his upcoming book, Shootin' the Sh*t with Kevin Smith: The Best of the SModcast from the comfort of his home. During a 24-hour Labor Day Twitter-thon, Smith answered a steady stream of fan questions that encompassed everything from television and film to Subway diets and sex. For some of his most interesting answers, follow us after the jump.

Movieline waded through over 700 tweets for the following highlights, covering everything from film to TV to Subway diets.


Inglorious Basterds? "Still haven't seen it yet. Been cutting. Hopefully, this week."

Fat or skinny Seth Rogen: "Fluffy Seth. Only because Thin Seth reminds me it's possible."

Method for playing a homosexual character in Vulgar: "My brother's gay. It's in the blood."

Kristen Stewart: "Thought she was a dude in PANIC ROOM. I've since stopped thinking that."

Favorite dialogue: "Not great but haunting: 'Her mouth would make an interesting urinal.' - BLOODSUCKING FREAKS"

Best Scorsese flick: "That's like 'Best blowjob?' Ain't no such thing as a best blowjob or best Scorsese picture."

Hitchcock film: "For me? ROPE."

Chick flick: "JERRY MAGUIRE count? One of my all-time faves."


Law & Order episode: "Hotly-debated AFTERSHOCK ep, when we went into their lives."

Simpson's episode: "Mr. Bergstrom (or Booger-Strom). "You are Lisa Simpson," always makes me tear up. Like now"

Eliza Dushku: "I fucking dig her AND her Masshole moxie. She's wicked smart, too."

Seth MacFarlane: "Never met but I read an interview with him that made me think 'I'd like him.'"

Favorite TV show: "Of all-time? Probably ROSEANNE or recent BATTLESTAR GALACTICA. Currently? Not sure."


Favorite comic strip: "DOONESBURY or BLOOM COUNTY. PEANUTS, too."

Will Disney kill Marvel? "Dis also owns Dante & Randal, and didn't "kill" them. Everything's fine l'il shaver. Think pussy."

Favorite Batfilm and Batcomic arcs: "Flick: THE DARK KNIGHT. Comic: DARK KNIGHT RETURNS."


Gastric band surgery: "Went for consultation years back, then was like "This is dumb and scary."

Favorite candy bar: "3 Muskateers"

Diets: "Fuck the Subway diet: the Twitter Diet rules. All Tweetin'/No Eatin'! Take THAT Jarod! My shit's even lazier than yours! BOO-YA!"

Biggest failure in life: "I've certainly lost the Battle of the Bulge. Surrendered and fragged my superiors, even."


Jetpack or house made entirely out of lego: "JETPACK!"

Asked whether he would commit to another Twitter-thon, Smith responded "Sure. I mean, it's not look [sic] it took anything out of me."


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