Janet Jackson's VMAs Michael Tribute: Will It Be 'Unforgettable'?


While Lady Gaga prepares for Sunday's MTV Video Music Awards by polishing her nipple tassels and Hannibal Lecter mask, Janet Jackson is very hard at work staging a spectacular VMA tribute to her brother Michael. TMZ reports that Janet's routine will feature 20 backup dancers and top-tier choreography from Frank Gatson and Travis Payne. Will she don a one-piece leather suit for a fan-blasted medley of her own "Black Cat" and Michael's "Dirty Diana"? Will she sing "Scream" accompanied by recorded vocals from her fallen duet partner, à la Natalie and Nat King Cole? More speculation, as well as a clip of Janet's best VMA performance, after the jump.

The rehearsals for the Michael tribute, which have reportedly required 15-hour days from Janet and company, indicate that a massive collage of hits will be performed. I assume she'll go for the gusto by adding "Billie Jean," "Scream," and a ballad portion featuring "You are Not Alone." While the pressure is on for Janet to deliver a moving, even legendary homage, she also has a stellar past in VMA performances to honor. Here's her 1993 medley of "That's the Way Love Goes" and "If," during that time period where she looked and dressed too much like Lisa Bonet for everyone's comfort.

Janet Jackson -- If the Glove Fits" [TMZ]


  • Colander says:

    Mr Virtel, you know good and well that if she strolled out dressed like Tempest Bledsoe, people would not be feeling that shit.

  • sixhundred says:

    and the VMA for best use of mom jeans and a smoke machine goes to...

  • Nicholas says:

    it's already been confirmed by fansites that she is performing Scream. What's not known is how they will incorporate MJ's vocals into the performance.

  • Nicholas says:

    Oh oh oh, and longtime dancer/choreographer tina london has reunited with Janet for this performance. they had a major falling out a few years back. i believe tina is the dancer to the left of janet in the youtube clip and also choreographed (with janet) the performance.
    if you look at the names of dancers performing with janet, it's the biggest names in choreography and dance. from a dance perspective, this gathering is historic.

  • amy says:

    i think they will use a hologram of michael and he will be onstage with janet!

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