Fight Queen Gina Carano Sets Steven Soderbergh Up For Knockout


· Steven Soderbergh is going the non-pro route once more, casting mixed martial arts superstar Gina Carano in his forthcoming spy thriller Knockout. The filmmaker relates the project to a full-on James Bond film, featuring Carano as a woman from the proverbial wrong side of the tracks whose fighting skills are tapped for ass-kicking espionage. Perhaps most notably, Soderbergh will forgo his fee in exchange for profit participation with financiers Relativity Media, so no pulled plugs a week before shooting. Yay! [Variety]

Nicolas Cage gets Hungry with Tobey Maguire, the Weinsteins reinvent, and more Hollywood Ink after the jump.

· Nicolas Cage's accidental Louisiana Tax-Lien Trilogy got its third component over the weekend: The Hungry Rabbit Jumps is his second vigilante thriller in a week to get the green light in the state, possibly joining Drive Angry and Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans as part of the actor's locally produced installment plan. Or maybe he just really likes it there. It could be anything. Tobey Maguire will produce but not star. [THR]

· The artsy thriller The Road has forced Bob Weinstein to consider a bit of rebranding for his genre label Dimension Films; all marketing options are reportedly on the table, from careful tie-ins with Cormac McCarthy's novel to the last-minute retitling as Apocalypse Movie and an endorsement from the Wayans family. [Variety

· Meanwhile, at the Weinsteins' old Miramax stomping grounds, studio brass want to lighten up a little bit with the hopes of becoming the next Fox Searchlight. Good luck, gang, but that means more than just producing Adventureland. That means junketing at Adventureland, giving away a few hundred of those "Games Games Games" T-shirts, not casting stars whose connection to Twilight prevents them from doing Searchlight-style saturation press... I could go on (don't make crap like Extract), but hey. It's almost Toronto! Let's be optimistic. Buy something fun, 'Max. [THR]

· Isabella Rossellini is attached to star in the adaptation of the internationally best-selling novel The Solitude of Prime Numbers, which deals with themes of "trauma, love and math." Miramax will pass. [Variety]


  • Furious D says:

    1. The truth is Relativity got her to beat Soderbergh up until he gave up on his fee.
    2. Maybe he's hoping to claim "job creation" as a defense.
    3. I say delay the release another couple of years, reshoot half the movie to make it into a wacky road-trip, complete with penis and fart jokes.
    4. Miramax is still around?
    5. The sequel will be The Solitude Of The Person Who Actually Paid To See The Movie.