NBC Denies Kristen Wiig SNL Weekend Update Rumors to Movieline


Movieline has just obtained official confirmation that Kristen Wiig will not be joining Seth Meyers this season as a Weekend Update co-anchor on Saturday Night Live. On top of last week's additions and subtractions to the Studio 8H cast, rumors circulated quickly yesterday that Wiig would take Amy Poehler's vacated seat.

This morning, NBC's Publicity Director of East Coast Entertainment, Sharon Pannozzo, confirmed to Movieline that Kristen Wiig will not be joining Weekend Update, leaving Wiig with at least a one-segment breather in between appearing in nearly every other sketch. Additionally, Michael Ausiello reported earlier this morning that an SNL insider denied that Wiig will join Weekend Update. Wiig is currently shooting MacGruber, the adaptation of the SNL skit, directed by staff writer Jorma Taccone.

SNL's 35th season premieres on September 26 with host Megan Fox.


  • joe schmoe says:

    Do we really need a MacGruber movie? The skits are pretty bland and MacGyver is soooo 80's and far gone to even be spoofed.

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