Susan Boyle Trounces Whitney Houston on Amazon Charts


Britain's Got Talent winner, Susan Boyle has already topped Amazon charts with her debut album I Dreamed A Dream, just days after the record's November 24 release date was announced. The news is a particularly harsh blow to Whitney Houston, whose comeback album was released last week and celebrated with a widely anticipated GMA performance. The Kathy Geiss of the UK set celebrated the news "with a shopping trip to Harrods, where she bought several dresses," according to her rep. [People]


  • stolidog says:

    hmmm. do we really want to listen to a full album of susan boyle? I admit to being somewhat mesmerized by the initial video, but without her channeling the runner up from the Salzburg Festival, Sound of Music, it's just show tunes.
    P.S., this is not to say I want to listen to a full album of a recovering chain smoking crack adict either.
    Maybe they'll both use auto-tune and end up sounding like Leona Lewis. You never know.

  • RB says:

    Yeah! Finally a middle-aged person who isn't 'perfect' looking gets ahead in the music business.It's about time!

  • braless wonder says:

    Yeah! finally an aggressive, underwhelming egotist gets to crash and burn!...mmm but which one??

  • Brenda says:

    Stolidog, while we don't know what songs will be on the CD, it's definitely not all show tunes.
    Did you hear her Cry Me A River that's on youtube? It's almost hard to believe it's the same person, it's really good.
    Simon said the CD will be a surprise, and I think that it will.

  • Strepsi says:

    That's a bit harsh, Whitney's not that haggard.