Stop Me if You Think You've Heard This One Before

You've got about 72 hours of summer left -- why not spend a couple minutes of it (a mere 1/2160th of the entire weekend! That's like no time at all!) reminiscing about the final week of the season? Your barbecue party will wait, trust us. Have a great holiday, and see you Tuesday!

· Forget tired sequels and reboots for franchises like Rambo, Spider-Man, Big Momma's House, or Fantastic Four -- who's ready for some Jerkin'?

· Rob Zombie, Oscar-winning production designer John Myhre, Dustin Milligan, Verge honoree Logan Lerman, and doc filmmaker Mitch McCabe all paid us a visit for an interview.

· Between this week's Mad Men recap and the tumultuous shifts in the series' power rankings, we had reason to break out our accordions: There will be a Season Four.

· Among the many ways NBC plans to become "more colorful," hiring Jenna Bush Hager was probably not one we'd have predicted.

· The bow-tie market plunged 64 percent after a sort-of contrite Chris Brown appeared on Larry King Live.

· The Academy made more rule changes to the Best Picture category. James Cameron responded by adding the showstopping Brendan Fraser to Avatar.

· True Blood got extra-complex. Weeds wound down Season Five. (But is Mary-Louis Parker winding down Weeds?)

· Mother, Trucker and The Hills made up a Two-Minute Verdict trifecta for the ages.

· In anticipation of The Real L Word, we counted down the five reality-TV lesbians to beat.

· You can bet that neither Avril Lavigne nor Katy Perry will apply the same judiciousness to American Idol as we applied to Jeremy Piven's latest sushi defense.

· We discovered Megan Fox really can act -- and she doesn't even need Michael "Hitler" Bay breathing down her neck to do it.

· Whatever Mickey's doing to Spider-Man in that picture above, I hope it's not just a sick metaphor for Disney buying Marvel.