Letterman Books Cancer-Stricken Comedian After Four Years of Petitioning


David Letterman's talent department has booked its fair share of near-death comedians (e.g. Mitch Hedberg, Don Rickles) to perform on the Late Show, but tonight's program marks the first time a cancer-stricken comedian who spent five years campaigning for a Letterman booking succeeded in getting on the show. This might sound like an adult Make-A-Wish Foundation thing, but the comic, Steve Mazan, has a body of work (outside the problems with his body) that might deem him eligible to do a 5 minute cleaned-up version of his act.

Comedian Steve Mazan was diagnosed in 2005 and immediately set a goal to perform on the Ed Sullivan stage within the year. After Letterman's talent department responded to Mazan's pleas with cease-and-desist letters, Mazan realized that he'd have to legitimately prove his talent before scoring the spot. He created the website DyingToDoLetterman.com to chronicle his struggle and garner attention, while improving his routine at comedy houses across the country and even performing for troops in Iraq and Afghanistan seven times.

Four years and two Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson appearances later, Steven Mazan will perform a five-minute routine tonight about hotel access keys, following lead guest Neil Patrick Harris. Mazan is currently turning this venture into a documentary with the help of a husband-wife production team.

· Steve Mazan: Comedian's David Letterman dream comes true [Punchline Magazine]


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