Our Commenters of the Week Win a Trip to Beautiful Downtown Sacramento!


What a treat! For the authors of our five best comments this week, we've got the prize any shrill romcom lead would kill for: a fantasy trip to gorgeous Sacramento, Hollywood's new Toronto! It's the city so nice, our governor tries to spend as little time there as possible, and now it's the location of your newest romantic getaway. So who won?

The Winchester on New Look and Name for Deadline | Hollywood: "Yay. User-friendly 'Toldjas'!"

Lowbrow on Katy Perry vs. Avril Lavigne: Who'll Make a Better Idol Judge?: "The only thing Avril is qualified to judge is a Hot Topic sponsored strip mall catwalk competition."

Old No.7 on Casey Wilson and Michaela Watkins Released From Saturday Night Live: "Lorne, you ignorant slut."

JudgeFudge on Report: Disney to Acquire Marvel for $4 Billion: "Wow, Marvel, Tron 2, the Miyazaki films - is Disney getting hip or what? I can't wait to hear the news that they've acquired the rights to David Gordon Green's next three stoner films."

And a special prize for this provocative number:

ashley on Criss Angel Leads Mass Home-Viewer Levitation, is 100% Successful: "I feel bad for those of you who participated in Criss Angel's deception. What he does isn't fake by any means. It's more real than the light in the sky. Sad to say, Criss Angel sold his soul a long time ago to receive his demonic powers. All of you were deceived into participating and in doing so, you guys have ignorantly opened yourselves up to the demonic through his hypnosis, the transference of spirits, and the third eye (the demonic spiritual eye that resides in the center of the forehead). What you felt (the tingling and etc.), everything was very real...however, it was all aided by demonic spirits. I'm sure you guys may have also experience head aches or pain in the center of the forehead. These demonic doors that were opened in your lives have to be closed."

Will my insurance cover that? No matter -- congratulations to our winners!