Celebrate Summer's Most Reviled Film with All About Steve Wallpaper!


After yesterday's critical lambasting, Fox needs all the help it can get powering All About Steve off its Labor Day launching pad and into the hearts and minds of moviegoers across America. And since it's a three-day weekend and you won't have to face your computer for at least 72 hours when you leave today, what better solidarity can we all show than to upload the studio's stylish, attention-grabbing All About Steve desktop wallpaper?

Granted, it's no Delgo wallpaper, but what is? An opportunity like this comes along only once per year; don't be the last in your cubicle row to make the adjustment. You can always go back to your oversized WME logo / Megan Fox glamour shot / family photo next week.

· All About Steve Wallpaper [20th Century Fox]



  • MCU says:

    It's almost like they tried to do the worst job of Photoshopping in recent real-actual-movie-studio memory.
    I mean, seriously, amazing fucking job of that, guys.

  • stolidog says:

    shucks, i was hoping for something more "Brad Cooper in his underwear" kind of thing. Didn't they do that with Ryan Renolds for the Proposal, or did I dream that?

  • Boats & Hoes says:

    Last I checked these guys were getting paid for that so-called POS that you seem to have developed such a fondness for.

  • Juancho says:

    I may be reaching, but I honestly think Fox was going for a September sleeper hit a la Nurse Betty in 2000. Think about it: attractive A-list female with romantic comedy as their bread-and-butter, affable but bland male lead, quirky to the nth degree story...

  • Dr. Doloutz says:

    yo bitches. I saw the movie today wit my lady friend and it was some good luvin'

  • stolidog says:

    Looking at the poster again, it looks like Sandy went spear fishing, gutted the fish herself, cleaned her hands with her shirt, and is trying to scare off a polar bear with her screaming.

  • Lowbrow says:

    Sandra, now I do appreciate the umbrella and happy scream, but you ruined the whole authenticity of 'crazy' here by not shaving your head. Did Britney teach you nothing?

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