BREAKING: Someone Gives All About Steve a Positive Review


I'll be honest: I've spent all morning in a state of suspense as the All About Steve reviews rolled in, wondering just which critic would be the first to stake out a contrarian position on what's shaping up to be the year's most reviled film. Still, no one seemed willing to take a stand, and the All About Steve Tomatometer remained at a stunning 0% for hours upon hours (of all the movies this year that defiantly chose not to screen for critics, this is the one they send out to be slaughtered?). But ho! What is this new thing on the horizon? Could it be? Has someone actually given the film a positive review? Who is it, and what did they say?

The three-star review (out of four) comes from Canada's Globe and Mail, which seems most excited about the film's hometown element:

Canadian-born writer Kim Barker (License to Wed) has constructed a snappy, by-the-numbers road comedy, the significant difference being a bright female hero as opposed to the social-misfit male who typically inhabits such movies. Director Phil Traill, a rising star in British TV and short-film comedy, makes the whole thing sparkle, bringing a U.K. sensibility ( à la the eccentric, touching vibe of so many Hugh Grant movies) to the mix.

But Bullock, easing into her mid-40s with box-office mojo intact, remains the star attraction as the annoyingly endearing Mary. You simply can't imagine another actor of her stature pulling it off. The title All About Steve is certainly misleading - but I guess There's Something About Mary was already taken.

And sadly, There's Something Retarded About Mary was immediately nixed by a mental health lobby newly energized by the Tropic Thunder fights of yore. Can't have everything!


  • Kallen says:

    You forgot to mention how the review is uncredited, so really, we still don't REALLY know who gave the first positive review to All About Steve.

  • emberglance says:

    What with this and the Avatar triumph, things are really looking up for Fox at the moment, no?

  • whoneedslight says:

    It seems to me someone was trying to capitalize on that Happy Go Lucky vibe from last awards season, but maybe didn't bother to watch the movie first?