'Two More Movies -- That's Enough': Is John Waters Retiring?


We all knew John Waters is something of a fine-art obsessive -- but obsessive enough to give up filmmaking for a late career change? Sequestered at the end of a lengthy, loving Waters profile in the new issue of Modern Painters, the 63-year-old director recounts the difficulty of getting his long-developing Christmas film Fruitcake off the ground, adding casually that the project represents 50 percent of his remaining movie output:

Financing for what Waters was hoping would be his next movie [...] has fallen through twice. "I want to do two more movies -- that's enough," he tells me. "I hope I can make two more." He's now 63 and says he'd be fine focusing on his writing, his art, and his one-man show, which he performs across the country about 25 times a year.

Well, he's earned it. On the other hand, no cheating! Co-writing Hairspray 2 doesn't count. Give us another full-blown NC-17 trashterpiece or nothing.

· Inside Man [Modern Painters]


  • np says:

    Sadface. I did enjoy his art exhibit that was here not so long ago so if there's more of that to look forward to..

  • Janey says:

    I'd like to see Waters direct an episode of True Blood. His take on Hoyt's Mama, and Bill's music collection alone would be worth it.

  • TAYLOR says:

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