Why Did InStyle Dress Up Jennifer Connelly Like the Universal Monsters?

· It may just be late in the day and I'm seeing things, but doesn't it seem like InStyle accessorized Jennifer Connelly to look like Frankenstein, Dracula and the Mummy? I mean, don't get me wrong -- she totally pulls it off.

· Here's some more background on new SNL hire Jenny Slate, who just happens to be a close, personal friend of Videogum. Let's hope she brings the funny to Team Girls. They could use it.

· Phil Spector is being moved from State Prison at Corcoran to Pleasant Valley State Prison in Coalinga, home of Erik Menendez. Redirect your pen pal mail accordingly.

· It looks as though one documentary can make a difference: September 1st usually marks the start of the Japanese dolphin slaughter, but the cove from The Cove is "empty."

· Hopefully an equally positive impact will emerge from District 9's opening in South Africa.

· Sad findings, as a large number of undigested OxyContin are found in DJ AM's stomach.