Wherever Katie Couric Goes, Diane Sawyer Will Follow


When Katie Couric ascended to her post at the CBS Evening News in 2006, there was controversy; namely, could a woman, in possession of sexy legs, have the gravitas necessary to recite news off a teleprompter in between ads for erectile dysfunction medicine? At first, it was thought that Couric simply did not, and then she shamed Sarah Palin with a deliciously drawn out series of interviews and won herself a stay of execution. But guess who's coming along to harsh Couric's buzz now?

That'd be Diane Sawyer, who announced today that she is leaving the morning show Good Morning America to replace Charles Gibson at World News, ABC's evening news broadcast. Hmm...sounds like a very familiar career arc, Diane.

Though it once seemed incredibly groundbreaking to eighty-year-olds that a lady would have the moxie to anchor the evening news, Sawyer's ascendance means that two out of three of the network news broadcasts will star female news anchors. This is really going to affect the daily small talk between NBC's Brian Williams and a suddenly ambitious Ann Curry. Make sure her hands are visible at all times, Bri!