Levi Johnston Subjected to Vanity Fair Makeover: 'Are Y'All Done?'


In the past two years, Levi Johnston has ascended from the Wasilla dating scene to become the most reticent crush-object in America. On one hand, he seems to enjoy the attention of being Kathy Griffin's scripted boyfriend and skyping into Watch What Happens, with seemingly no knowledge of who host Andy Cohen is (we don't really know either), and on the other hand, he always seems to be glancing sideways, looking for the nearest can of Skoal.

Johnston recently graduated the Bravo talent ranks when he was chosen as the subject of an upcoming Vanity Fair feature (on newsstands Sept. 8) -- "Me and Mrs. Palin," an assignment that required a complete makeover and photo shoot with Mark Seliger. In the video after the jump, watch as Johnston holds his breath as he is tressed, appears to check for his wallet each time a stylist comes near him and uncomfortably poses with a Sarah Palin cut out in the backseat of a limo.


  • Victor Ward says:

    This is interesting, but now I'm busy wondering when he's going to pose for Unzipped, a topic about which I had completely forgotten until just now, but, nonetheless, suddenly seems paramount to everything in importance.

  • Victor Ward says:

    Also, if I were Levi's advisor, one of the many things I would tell him is, "Never let yourself be advised by SOMEONE NAMED TANK."

  • Colander says:

    It's a testament to how much the world hates Sarah Palin that everyone seems to be teaming up to make Levi Johnston a lucrative brand in his own right.

  • G E says:

    Levi has nothing good to say about the Palins. But, if not for the Palins, no one would give a rat's but about him.

  • bess marvin, girl detective says:

    No Levi, the question is "Are you done?" and I'm hoping the answer will be "yes" and "soon."

  • stolidog says:

    Since he's the anti-Palin, when is he going to come out as the champion of teen sex to counter Bristol's abstinence position?