Hey -- What's Brendan Fraser Doing in Avatar?

The wide-set, feline eyes. The strong jaw. The warrior posture. The floral jewelry and hand-braided ornamentation. We've been reminded of many things since being introduced to the Na'vi of James Cameron's Avatar -- animated flops, vampire dreamboats -- but it took a Livejournal commenter scanning some new images in a French cinema magazine to spot their uncanny resemblance to Encino Man and The Mummy star, Brendan Fraser.

As another commenter responded, "Oh my god. It's like a damn magic eye picture, except instead of not being unable to see a cool floating 3d image, all I see is fucking Brendan Fraser!" Of course, there was one Brendan that resembled the Na'vi more than the others: that would be Poseidon Brendan of the infamous 1997 Premiere spread that imagined him as various Greek gods. We've reunited the people of Pandora with their spiritual forefather. No need to thank us.

The original image, and the rest of the new Avatar pictures, are below.


· New 'AVATAR' Images From French Magazine Studio Ciné-Live [ONTD]


  • Victor Ward says:

    Maybe this will inspire Cameron to make his next movie a CGI masterpiece in which he makes Brenden Fraser hot again.

  • Lady says:

    Really stupid article! I don't quite understand why media picks on Brendan Fraser so much when the guy minds his own business, is not a media whore like other celebrities, does not have any personal scandals and just an all around nice guy from everyone's account.

  • snickers says:

    So you're saying Avatar is really Jake Sully of the Jungle? Now it all makes sense.

  • Darn Lemons says:

    I agree with Lady. Fraser is a good actor, no I take that back, he is a great actor. He does mind his own business and you don't see him with his face in every camera like some. And he is still HOT, thank you very much. He isn't 20 anymore (thank God) He doesn't have to look like a freakin model when he's not working. He only has to look like an illusion when he's on screen. I like how he looks and I like him.

  • Fed Up w/ Brendan Haters says:

    Oh seriously? The morons who bash Brendan Fraser are the same tools who bash actors like Natalie Portman. Why? No really, why? These actors are not media whores so people feel the insatiable need to pick on them? Puh-lease. Brendan, is hot at any age. Jealous much?

  • claudia says:

    Well i think Brendan is an atractive ,funny, n really good actor i really wanted him in the journey 2. I hope he comes back with the other to make a better journey3 but i will have to wait for that... COME ON BRING HIM BACK FOR THE THIRD JOURNEY IT WILL BE DOUBLE FUN WITH BOTH THE ROCK N BRENDAN.....

  • lil b says:


  • Brendan Fraser says:

    Just fuck my shit up

  • Brendan says: