Preview: Whitney Houston's Underwhelming GMA Performance


This morning, 5,000 rabid Whitney Houston fans gathered in Central Park for what was hoped to be the second rising of the soul diva. Good Morning America hyped her I Look to You promotional performance, the first in seven years, as an event to remember by playing a Houston career-retrospective on their Times Square screen on loop. With fans gathered from all corners of the world and bedazzled "We love you Whitney!" posters in place, Whitney took the stage for a four-song concert that could only be described as underwhelming.

Despite her cracking voice (when there was a voice at all), Houston's ardent supporters wildly applauded throughout, proving that either they couldn't hear the songs over their own cheering or that their love is unconditional. Judge for yourself after the jump.

Performing in front of a sparkly lilac curtain, Whitney walked her way through "My Love is Your Love" and ended with the crowd favorite, "I'm Every Woman." Houston apologized to her supportive fans for her missed notes: "I'm so sorry. I did Oprah. I've been talking for so long. [...] I shouldn't be talking. I should be singing." On the plus side, she wasn't lip-syncing. But maybe it would have been a better concert if she had been.


  • stolidog says:

    cut the girl some slack.

  • Nicholas says:

    crack is whack.

  • Sally in Chicago says:

    You have to wonder how singers like Chaka Khan and Gladys Knight are still hitting notes and sing in key, esp. Chaka who still can wail -- although I keep reading that she puts on a sh**tyy show. But it makes you wonder, what do they do? Get a lot of sleep? live a good life? And those women are like 60 years old. You just wonder Whitney is going to be doing at 60? But give her credit for surviving and still being here with us.

  • Mikey (formerly Kittenhead) says:

    "I'm so sorry, I did Oprah" is going to be my go-to excuse for everything from this point forward.

  • Jayyyyy says:

    Whoa...Whoa...Whoa is me...Tsk , Tsk!!!A talent such as hers ....while having set the bar so high....previously. makes it hard for her to be ...rightous on a ...perhaps hurried comeback. I still dig her....but she needs to really seek the voice that made her famous. Don't just come back and feel that's enough. She's a great up to the hype...pleaseeeee!!! We need the strong W.H.. Thanks

  • el smrtmnky says:

    did the bratz dolls lend her the stage decor?

  • P says:

    Did you all think there would be no repercussions for her abusing her body all those years? A voice is delicate instrument. If she set a high standard at one time, it's what made her famous. She should get credit for surviving? Surviving her own self? That's nuts. She's actually just talking through most of this. When she actually sings a few notes, people go crazy. But she can't sustain it. Sad, sad, sad.

  • Anonymous says:

    Whitney Houston barely sang at all, and she could hardly say anything that made sense. The hosts of GOOD MORNING, AMERICA fawned over her so much that it made me wonder what kind of investment ABC has in her. It was a sorry performance by Whitney Houston and by ABC.

  • Victor Ward says:


  • Victor Ward says:

    I understand the desire to videotape stuff like this. I mean yeah, these people will probably never be close to someone as famous again. Ok, I get it. I deal with it; I would probably do it, even though I think it probably dulls experiences, looking through a lens. But that's fine.
    I hate those people.

  • He might be referring to her "I'm Every Woman" refrain. "Whoa. Whoa. Whoa."