Christopher 'Kid' Reid Resurfaces As Jive Time Schmata King


· Wondering what Kid of late '80s hip-hop crossover act Kid 'N Play has been up to since his House Party movie days? He's gittin' you two double-breasted rayon suits for da price of one! [via Best Week Ever]

· HuffPo's got a vital new slideshow examining the cinematic believability of actors in drag.

· Hey! The puppet master from Heroes has been cast on Lost.

· "Nobody can speak when True Blood is on," instructs Lindsay Lohan. Someone's angling to play Evan Rachel Wood's next victim!

· Rashida Jones and Chris Messina have signed onto Monogamy, described as "a cautionary tale about sex, photography and fear of marriage." Well, no matter what Rashida goes through, at least we know Chris will be supportive.

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