Soleil Moon Frye Resurrects Self, Punky Brewster


Inspired, perhaps, by Mark-Paul Gosselaar's late-night resurrection of Saved By The Bell's Zack Morris, actress Soleil Moon Frye dressed up as Punky Brewster and shouted at Demi Moore for five minutes in a web video (after the jump) in order to acquire a million Twitter followers. Meanwhile, somewhere, Vicki from Small Wonder whispered at a Sav-On pharmacist for ten seconds and got nothing in return but some tropical-fruit-flavored Rolaids. Is this fair?

Moon Frye comes to the Twitter obsession by marriage: Her husband Jason Goldberg is business partners with Twitter zealot Ashton Kutcher. Kudos on her for passing the million-follower mark so that she can leverage her valuable platform for provocative statements like "Question of the day. Do you have a funny nickname? If so, what is it and how was it given to you?" Sadly, there will be no video resurrections of Punky's eccentric surrogate father Henry, who was recently brought up on charges that he kept other, brightly-attired orphans in a ramshackle tent shed behind his house. Never forget.