Meet Your Sexy, Serious New At the Movies Hosts!


The two Bens' bodies haven't even cooled yet after last month's At the Movies massacre, but Disney has wasted no time reinvigorating its brand with new hosts A.O. Scott and Michael Phillips. And by "reinvigorating," I basically mean "putting two ink-stained schlubs through a series of glamourpuss motions just this side of a Michael Bay lingerie ad." See the sultry-ish video after the jump.

Honestly, I can't get past the 1:05 mark myself without cringing my entire body inside-out. Let me know if/when Annie Leibovitz drops by to photograph Tom Ford nuzzling one nude critic or the other for the next Hollywood issue of Vanity Fair.

· Introducing New At the Movies Team [TOH]


  • Kyle Buchanan says:

    Needs more sexual tension.

  • jimmy james monkey death says:

    and less backwards chair sitting.

  • lichman says:

    Will Phelps ever risk it all and say "Tony," or just "A.O." every episode?

  • aamir says:

    So sexiness is a subjective thing. Being a heterosexual male, I can’t fathom what heterosexual females and homosexual males find sexy. Also, being a person who paid attention to music videos in the 90′s, I don’t find a lot of those VH-1 “I Love the 80′s” sexy videos to be all that great. That Whitesnake video that always ends on these lists won’t be here