Marvel's Mystery Mastermind?


It's not Disney chief Bob Iger, Marvel Studios boss David Maisel, or any other name you've heard to date, according to Kim Masters. Instead, tip your cap to Isaac "Ike" Perlmutter, the 66-year-old Marvel CEO who plucked the comics brand from bankruptcy in 1998 and will pocket as much as $1.5 billion from its sale to Disney. The best part? Perlmutter's a recluse who doesn't even like comic books and who showed up to Iron Man's premiere in glasses and a fake mustache. Someone make a movie about this guy, already. [The Daily Beast]


  • Chris Croy says:

    He really is a character. Check out Comic Wars if you're looking for some more info on him. The information on Ike is mostly in the first 2-3 chapters with the some scattered throughout the rest of the book. Fortunately, it has a first-rate index so you can easily pick that stuff out. The only interesting bit I remember is that he's partially deaf due to some action in the IDF.