Come On and Rescue Me


Denis Leary's brainchild Rescue Me has managed to fly below popular America's radar the past five years despite its Emmy nominations, guest stars (Susan Sarandon, Michael J. Fox and Maura Tierney) and tribute to the duality of heroism and self-destruction. Maybe it has something to do with the show's cable home or the depression suffered after endless tragedies or those forced sex scenes. Whatever the reason, enjoy tonight's conclusion to what Leary called" a "less bleak" season.

Rescue Me [10 PM, FX]

It has already been announced that the last 19 Rescue Me episodes will be taped in September and will finish airing in 2011. With the end in sight, tonight's fifth season finale explores more personal loss. Uncle Teddy (Lenny Clarke) crumbles after maintaining a stoic front in the face of tragedy. Meanwhile, Janet (Andrea Roth) and Sheila's (Callie Thorne) plan goes amuck.

Frankie & Neffe [10 PM, BET]

Like the network's other series Tina & Toya, Frankie & Neffe profiles a pair of fame-hangers-ons. Frankie & Neffe are Keyshia Cole's mother and sister, a team that annoys each other while striving for self improvement via their reality program. In tonight's episode, Frankie and Neffe create a more nurturing home -- for themselves. Later on, Neffe ruins a job interview for Frankie when she shows up unannounced.

More to Love [9 PM, Fox]

This plus-size reality dating series sped through its first season; Luke is already visiting the families of his final four girlfriends before enjoying one-on-one dates with each girl. No matter how much producers try to lighten the mood with belly dancing, castle dates, gorgeous complimentary dresses and makeovers, each episode can't escape at least half a dozen crying confessionals.


Matilda [9 PM, ABC Family]

Remember that four-year period in the mid-90's when Mara Wilson (Mrs Doubtfire, Miracle on 34th Street, A Simple Wish) was the hottest child actress? If you don't, revisit a more innocent time tonight with Matilda. Wilson plays opposite DeVito and Rhea Perlman's self-absorbed parents in DeVito's adaptation of the Roald Dahl novel. Pam Ferris, who later reteamed with DeVito for Death to Smoochy enbodies the frightening schoolmaster, Mrs. Trunchbull.