They, Too, Are Gonna Live Forever: Three First-Look Images from Fame


Movieline is proud to present a trio of never-before-seen images from MGM's Kelsey Grammerific reimagining of Alan Parker's 1980 musical, Fame. Set in the highly competitive training grounds of the New York City High School of Performing Arts, Fame follows a class of multi-talented showbiz hopefuls as they fling their sweat-drenched legwarmers through torturous jazz-ballet rehearsals, strain to recall their lines through angsty readings from 16 Stage Monologues for Men, and weather the spittle-flecked invective of Mr. Shorofsky as he wails, "No! No! No! Hold the bow like this! Not like this! This isn't your dick you're holding! It's a violin bow! Hold it with respect!"* The exclusive photos are after the jump.

*Scene may not actually appear in 2009 remake.


Official Caption: Alice (KHERINGTON PAYNE, center) performs a dance routine.


Victor (WALTER PEREZ, left) jams with classmates at the New York City High School of Performing Arts.


Malik (COLLINS PENNIE, center spotlight) raps at a night club.

Photo Credit: Saeed Adyani for MGM


  • stolidog says:

    I am looking forward to this with the least amount of anticipation possible.

  • MurasakiTurtle says:

    Indeed, my nonexistent excitement knows no bounds regarding this film.

  • MurasakiTurtle says:

    I am someone who finds the old one enjoyable but nothing incredible. Thus, I am not offended they are making a remake.
    That being said, I don't remember Fame: Original Flavor images/scenes feeling so... High School Musical Goes to New York to me. Nor did I find the cast members all had that Shiny-Shiny! gleam of perfect hair/muscles/teeth I'm seeing above. I know New York is not the dirty dirty place it was back then, but did it all have to be SO completely stripped of anything even a touch, mmmm, smudged? I am not feeling the desperation, here. The palatable possibility of FAILURE.
    Fame: Now in Plastic! If it surprises me, I shall be delighted.

  • LizzieLemonic says:

    Yeah, yup...though at least Disney kids are believable as high school kids. I always find them adorable for their very natural kind of awkwardly funnylooking goodlookingness. Disney has it down to a science.