Is Mitch Hurwitz Actively Avoiding the Arrested Development Movie?


When we talked to Alia Shawkat a while back, she relayed rumors that the Arrested Development movie might happen as early as September, a prognosis that looks decidedly negative now. The NYDN caught up with Will Arnett at a charity function over the weekend, and he indicated that things might be on hold for a while now that he and Hurwitz have a new Fox series in development:

"The Arrested Development movie is definitely going to happen," he insisted at Hess' Arthur Ashe Kids Day on Saturday. "But Mitch and I have been working on the new show, so unfortunately for the movie, we have been focusing on that for the last couple of months."

However, a rep for Arnett insists, "They are working on the movie simultaneously."

Well, a rep would certainly know that better than Arnett himself! Seriously, though -- we're coming up on a year since Hurwitz initially inked his deal with Fox Searchlight to write the Arrested movie, and there's been no word of even a completed first draft. Meanwhile, Hurwitz's television slate grows bigger and bigger; just in the past year, the prolific producer worked on the short-lived animated series Sit Down, Shut Up, the Absolutely Fabulous remake, a Jason Biggs comedy pilot called Happiness Isn't Everything, and now, Arnett's new series. At this rate, GOB may have moved on to a futuristic jetpack by the time Arrested's resurrected.