Fresh Popcorn


In June, screenwriter Derek Haas established Popcorn Fiction, a website for pulpy short stories, and now Haas and writing partner Michael Brandt have sold one to Hollywood. Shake, a thriller about a Parkinson's-afflicted FBI agent hunting down a killer, has been acquired by Jerry Bruckheimer for seven figures. We'd just like to note that Brandt & Haas's One-Page Screenplay, Messy Life, is still available! I see Zac Efron as teen Braden.


  • Hernando Bansuelo says:

    it's a good story. highly recommended. worth 1.8? you decide.

  • I wonder when Popcorn Fiction is gonna start taking submissions?
    We have a ribald little tale about the frothy formation of a so-called "Retard Army" hellbent on global domination that we would like to sell to Disney for eight figures...