Savor the Ugly


With changes in the works for the look of Ugly Betty's eponymous heroine, savor the braces and bigness while you can. The moment seems to have passed for UB, what with 30 Rock becoming the strangest and best feel-good show on television and all, so it really needs to recapture that mojo. A Pretty Betty won't do the trick, and neither will guest-stars, though Christine Baranski tries her darnedest in tonight's rerun.

Ugly Betty [9 PM, ABC]

In this third season episode heavily sponsored by Cherry 7Up (count the product's many placements!), Marc (Michael Urie) and Betty (America Ferrera) team up for a photo shoot with Grammy-winning singer Adele. Matt's mother (Baranski) makes a work-related request of Betty. Claire (Judith Light) and Wilhelmina (Vanessa Williams) continue to cat-fight over their positions at MODE.

Eureka [9 PM, Syfy]

Not that many people watch Syfy or ever will, but if there was one show on that network that could make a Monk- or Dexter-like jump to occasional network status, it should be Eureka. Not only do they tread in similar waters as The Big Bang Theory (granted, the less funny end of the lake), but the effects look much better than any other effects on cable TV and procedurals like NCIS. On tonight's episode, Allison (Salli Richardson-Whitfield) goes into labor and humans seem to actually act like humans as opposed to just weird. A sprinkling of humanity here and there never hurt anyone. (That sounds like an evil alien cooking show.)

Dominick Dunne's Power, Privilege and Justice [3 PM, truTV]

Dominick Dunne is probably best remembered for his advocacy of victims' rights and his dishy Vanity Fair articles, but in his last seven years, Dunne also hosted this TruTV crime series. In honor of the investigative journalist, TruTV is hosting a 13-hour marathon of Dunne's most well-known cases including the Menendez brothers (6 PM) Claus von Bulow (7 PM), Gianni Versace (8 PM) and Robert Blake (10 PM).


The Wedding Singer [9 PM, TBS]

Like any Adam Sandler film, The Wedding Singer features moments of extreme rage and depression exploited by Sandler to various degrees of comic effect. And like other Sandler films, The Wedding Singer features Sandler buddy Allen Covert in a supporting role as Sammy, the buddy who prefers to dress like the late Michael Jackson. If you haven't seen Grandma's Boy, the Covert vehicle that Nick Swardson and Shirley Jones straight-up grift, then this is the closest you'll get to him having a well-drawn character. While Covert doesn't have a typical leading man look, it would be nice to see him do something where he isn't made fun of the entire film, but maybe that's his role in the Sandler clique.