Virtual Newsstand:, August 2009

August 2009


Finding an unlikely muse in quirky comedian-turned-actor Demetri Martin, director Ang Lee and his Taking Woodstock star recall their psychedelic journey back to the Summer of Love.

King of the Prawns
That boyish face behind the surprise sci-fi blockbuster of the summer? It's Neill Blomkamp's, and you'll be seeing a lot more of it. A Movieline Interview.

Sixteen Candles
Not one report on the sad passing of John Hughes identified where he spent his last moments. Our own S.T. VanAirsdale set out on a mission to find it. Half detective story, half personal odyssey.

The Sterling Cooper Fantasy League

For those for whom Mad Men is more than just a show -- we introduce our weekly Power Rankings.

Soul Man
Cold Souls star Paul Giamatti on playing himself, and having second thoughts about Merlot.

Something Smells Fishy
Well, if the Sun says Megan Fox is playing Catwoman in The Dark Knight II: Revenge of the Catwoman, it must be true! And if you believe that, we've got six other suspects to sell you.

Let the Right Hunk In
Presenting 9 fun facts about True Blood breakout Alexander Skarsgård.

Dawn of the Zombie
Halloween II director Rob Zombie admits that making deeply disturbed psycho-slasher cinema isn't nearly as fun as it seems.

The Red Hour Industrial Film
Ben Stiller's elaborate inside joke was leaked to Movieline. We did the honorable thing, and immediately shared it with all of you.

Boyfriend Material
A tribute to male actors cast in the "supportive girlfriend" role.

Divas to the Runway, Please
Project Runway is back -- with all its vests, asymmetrical haircuts and trying-too-hard catchphrases intact. Hooray!

Paula Abdul: The Greatest Incoherent Hits
Never has one person's failed contract negotiation elicited such an outpouring of grief. We paid our respects to her American Idol tenure with this nine-part video eulogy.

Member of the Academy
Sid Ganis is out, Tom Sherak is in. Here's a cheat sheet on the new head of the AMPAS.

Vore, Vore, Vore
So what do cannibal sex fetishists think of the Jennifer's Body trailer? We stumble upon their Internet headquarters for a highly educational discussion.

Jews on Jews
Jewish filmmakers telling their own stories -- what could be bad?

Spoiled Milk
Gus Van Sant's top-secret next project? Yeah -- not so much.


We introduce you to some of the bright unknowns who brought Quentin Tarantino's Inglourious Basterds to glorious life.

Mélanie Laurent
This young French actress was the emotional lynchpin of Tarantino's WWII fairy tale.

Daniel Brühl
An overseas secret no longer, the talented half-German, half-Spanish actor brought just the right combination of loverlorn naïvete and simmering menace to Basterds' Nazi war hero, Pvt. Fredrick Zoller.

Michael Fassbender
The man behind the velvet-voiced and impossibly debonair Lt. Archie Hicox is just as charming in real life.


As anticipation for Avatar Day built, Fox's website crapped out.

Was It Worth It?
The world catches its first glimpse of James Cameron's years-in-the-making opus. Is that sound a collective "Wow," or, "Whatever?"

Blue Love
Why is blue the unofficial color of sci-fi love? Movieline investigates.

Delgo Vu
We find 7 eerie parallels between Avatar and the biggest animated flop in history. This does not bode well.

When You Care Enough to Send the Very Best
Brighten someone you love with Movieline's fully printable Avatar Day card.

On the Page
We make the case for James Cameron as one of our best living screenwriters.

'Tar Wars
Delgo's producers threaten legal action. Yes, really.


Good Sport
Patton Oswalt's nails his first lead dramatic outing, as Big Fan's failure pile in a sadness bowl.

That Healthy Hamilton Glow
Living legend and new biopic subject George Hamilton on the perks and perils of modern celebrity.

B is for Bobcat
The former stand-up and Police Academy star forged an amazing second career act as a director of provocative serio-comedy indies. Father of the Year is his latest, and it could be his best.

Oh, Brother
Stoic reality host extraordinaire (and Mrs. CBS Honcho) Julie Chen opens up about life in the Big house.

Dr. Funny
What's Ken Jeong like when he gets out of the trunk and puts his clothes back on? Movieline investigates.

Seeing What Develops
Legendary fashion photographer and documentary filmmaker Bruce Weber is a delicious raconteur.


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