Should Sandra Bullock Keep Pairing Up with Younger Men?


That's the question EW writer Annie Barrett provocatively poses (somehow without using the now-mandatory term "cougar") after seeing the umpteenth commercial for All About Steve, where Bullock, fresh from wooing Ryan Reynolds in The Proposal, falls for 34-year-old Bradley Cooper. I have a few questions of my own: Is it kind of weird that a woman would ask this sort of thing about another woman? Are questions like this indirectly responsible for Bullock's suddenly waxy veneer? And, should we really worry about these things when the main issue is "Should Sandra Bullock Keep Making Movies We Know She's Better Than?" [EW]


  • rj77 says:

    ...and in real life she nailed Ryan Gosling, who's 16 years her junior. I, for one, salute her.

  • Sally in Chicago says:

    My first thought is, if it keeps working keep doing it. However, she's what? 44? It would be better for her to start looking for the Richard Gere types, who by the way is very good at comedy.

  • Christopher says:

    Ummm, The Proposal was one of the better romantic comedies of the past few years. If Steve is just as good, I'm all for Mama Cougar Bullock.