Lazy Hazy Crazy Days

What a week at Movieline, where we wound down summer in style with a gang of our closest pop-culture pals. Sure, one of them brought along Anne Heche as his date, but what can you do? Check out the rest of the guest book after the jump, and have a great weekend!

· Hot dang! Look who stopped by for a visit this week: Ang Lee and Demetri Martin. Patton Oswalt. Scout Taylor-Compton. Michael Fassbender. Behind the Camera award-winners Drew Petrotta and Garrett Warren. Kathy Griffin told us her favorite scene. And Megan Holley kindly dropped off a One-Page Screenplay.

· True Blood was good enough this week to warrant its best-ever ratings. Again. Which was a convenient opportunity to get to know breakout star Alexander Skarsgård.

· Add Anne Heche and Victoria Jackson to the characters we'd like to see Megan Fox play when she hosts Saturday Night Live.

· Inception and Capitalism: A Love Story each received Two-Minute Verdicts. The Andy Griffith Blowjob Movie got off without a trial, and the porn parody of 30 Rock simply got off.

· We made a much better case for James Cameron being a good screenwriter than James Lipton made for Mickey Rourke having "one of the most remarkable careers in the history of American film."

· Now that Inglourious Basterds has saved the Weinstein Company, it seemed like an opportune time to let Harvey know whom he really has to thank.

· A newly empowered Peggy Olsen rocketed into the Mad Men power-rankings elite.

· We got deep into analyzing Gus Van Sant's next film, Whitney Houston's new album, and the extraordinary ensemble that will (or should, anyway) populate Soul Train: The Movie.

· After Avatar's long-lost twin threatened to sue, their uncanny triplet arrived as well. And here we thought Rachel Zoe had identity issues.

· We supplied a handy guide for the next time you need to go about debunking more Catwoman casting rumors.