Fired Playmate Says Entouragers Treated Her 'Like Meat'


Former Playmate Irina Voronina claims that she and another actress were fired from Entourage after rebuffing the actors' advances. She told Fox News: "Technically we were told there wasn't space for us to be in the shot anymore, but we knew we were fired because we weren't nice to the actors. They just treated me like a piece of meat without any respect and every conversation would start and end with "what are you doing later?'" Voronina, now a regular on Cartoon Network's Saul of the Mole Men, had appeared in previous episodes of Entourage as Ring Girl and Sexy Clubgoer. HBO has dismissed the claim as "unfounded and unsubstantiated." [Fox News]


  • sweetbiscuit says:

    Shocked, do you hear me, shocked.

  • and by actors advances you mean Pivstars advances, right?

  • jim lane says:

    Well, Irina, when you pose nude and put yourself on display like a piece of meat at the the supermarket, what do you expect?

  • Sickthing says:

    Well if you are going to be a "Playmate" why would you complain when you are treated like one, Go figure.

  • Girl86 says:

    On one hand, yeah it's sad that women aren't being treated with the respect and professionalism that all women (and men) deserve, regardless of their appearance. On the other hand, what does she honestly expect? She's a former playmate who is playing bit parts for which she was cast, probably, only because of her appearance, on a show that's essentially about a group of guys reliving the glory of their college frat days that they never had. If you willingly put yourself in a situation where you'll be objectified for money, then don't be surprised when you are objectified.

  • star_is_born says:

    Why would one exploit herself, for the whole world to see, posing in intimidating and humiliating "positions", then take offense that a guy finds her a turn on and attractive? This might had worked in the 80's honey, but it doesn't work anymore.

  • jwhoopi says:

    First of all, since when does having your picture taken amount to a consent to be treated like "meat"? It is just a picture for christ's sake, it isn't like she is a prostitute, and she obviously didn't find it humiliating, either, nor should she have. Besides, it is her "job" to be a model, it is not her job to be someone's sexual punching bag.
    All of these comments are the exact same thing as when it was considered OK to rape a woman because she wore "sexy" clothing. That "attitude" may have worked in the 70's, but it doesn't work anymore.
    More to the point though, just because one person acts in a way that you find inappropriate, doesn't give others the right to act inappropriately as well. I find every comment here to be more insulting, humiliating, and offensive than anything that this woman may have done in the pages of a magazine.

  • sickened bycomments says:

    this is about the behavior of actors/the casting couch. if she was not a playmate experiencing this, then her claim is valid? prostitutes deserve assault, too right?
    you can hate her for what she is, does not mean the show deserves sex for letting her have a bit role, and she should be applauded for outing this behavior, which will blacklist her and is prevalent old boys club and repulsive no matter who gets the unwanted advances.

  • lui says:

    Everyone is so quick to judge and blame. Equality is a human right. And even playmates are members of the human race.
    Way to make excuses for treating people like junk: "she was naked!" - LAME!

  • vinny says:

    WTF is a former Playmate? There is no such thing. Once a Playmate, always a Playmate. It's not like she still isn't Miss January 2001! No one took that away from that makes her STILL a Playmate!