Can Rachel Weisz Make Agora a Toga Party to Remember?


Director Alejandro Amenábar (The Others) isn't necessarily doing himself a favor by naming his new Rachel Weisz film Agora, and all it takes is a wave of bad reviews bearing the headline "Agora-phobic" to see why. Does the new, full trailer do a better job of selling the movie?

Amenabar appears to making full use of Weisz, special effects, and a fairly hefty budget to tell the story of Hypatia, a remarkable astronomer and mathematician who lived in Roman Egypt during the fourth century. There will pontificating about science vs. Christianity! There will be rolled-up scrolls clattering onto the floor! There will be vast, beautiful sets and well-groomed eyebrows!

And yet, it all seems a little less than stirring, as though it were missing some crucial...oh wait, is that Max Minghella in a toga and a cute hipster beard? Ok, fine. Fine.



  • Hernando Bansuelo says:

    Saw this in Cannes. Sorry to report but although the trailer-makers succeeded to make this look credible, the film on the other hand is...

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