Will Spielberg's Harvey Plans Be Hijacked By Pirates?


The idea of a megabudget pirate movie used to be anathema to Hollywood studios -- thanks, Renny Harlin! -- but ever since Johnny Depp donned eye shadow and a tricorner hat, pirates have become big business again. (Fun fact: After Depp finishes this planned second Pirates of the Carribean trilogy, the Pirates franchise will clock in at over 14 hours.) Now, Steven Spileberg's getting in on the act, announcing his plans to direct Pirate Latitudes, based on a posthumously discovered novel by Michael Crichton. The important question: Will this derail Spielberg's superfluous Harvey remake?

Not likely, I'm sad to say. Frequent Spielberg scripter David Koepp just signed on to write the screenplay, so there's still plenty of time for Harvey to retain Spielberg's attention. Still, the imaginary rabbit film isn't set to go into production until 2010, and Spielberg has famously veered off course at the last minute before. Let's just wait and see if Harvey frontrunner Will Smith announces a new project soon; surely there were some black, Scientology-adjacent pirates back in 1665, right?

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  • The Pope says:

    Is there any way that Koepp can weave in the issue of slavery and then write in a character called Abraham Lincoln? Seems to me that that is the only way Spielberg will ever get around to making THAT movie.

  • adam says:

    After the latest Indiana Jones movie, Spielberg should be forced into retirement. I'll have a newfound respect for pirates if they can keep him away from Harvey.

  • jimmy james monkey death says:

    Cutthroat Island is the shit. Bought the blu-ray. Now it's the High-Definition shit.

  • Dimo says:

    Spielberg should have a restraining order placed on anything that David Koepp writes for him. This includes all e-mails and Birthday cards.

  • snickers says:

    I thought Spielberg never wanted to make another movie at sea after Jaws.